Eren Kruger’s mention of Mikasa and Armin amongst Attack On Titan’s most iconic moments

Eren Kruger is the antagonist in the classic anime series, Attack On Titan, who was part of one of the most memorable moments of the show, where he prematurely mentioned Mikasa and Armin to Zeke.

Eren Kruger was introduced as a largely stoic individual who never displayed any emotions, which may have been as a result of enduring years of suffering and misery as a mole, and being forced to commit brutal and atrocious acts against fellow Eldians. His battle has always been against his nemesis, Eren Yeager’s quest to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid titans that had almost brought humanity to extinction, after they killed his family and destroyed his hometown.

What is considered one of the most iconic scenes in Attack On Titan history occurred in its third season in 2019, where the rivals were forced to go up against one another. This took place when Kruger initiated Yeager into becoming a titan. According to, Kruger instructed Yeager to protect Mikasa and Armin, who, at the time, had not been introduced into the storyline, as they formed part of the future plot. Therefore, after the episode aired, fans of the show began to question how Kruger knew about the characters, resulting in the episode becoming one of the most talked about of the series.

Apart from questioning if it was a glitch in the writing, fans began coming up with their own conspiracy theories of what could have happened, and making their own plotlines come to life online. Eventually, it was revealed in chapter 121 of Attack On Titan that Kruger had the ability to travel to the past and the future. Therefore, his mention of Mikasa and Armin was because of his gift of telling the future – a future that he is not a part of but had travelled to. Fans of the show were happy about the explanation and were content in knowing that the writers had intention with the scene.