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Erika and Tom’s divorce explored

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne and her estranged husband, Tom Girardi are facing legal drama amid their divorce proceedings.

Despite their 32-year age difference, Tom and Erika Girardi seemed very happy together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So, it came as a shock to fans when the couple announced they were divorcing.

It all began in September 2020, when Tom was in court. He was being questioned about his finances during a virtual judgment debtor exam. Tom told the judge that he had “maybe a couple thousand” dollars in his personal bank account, claiming his stock portfolio of millions was all gone.

“At one point, I had about $80 million or $50 million in cash. That’s all gone. I don’t have any money,” Tom said. He added that he had “taken a penny in salary out of the law firm for more than two years.”

Erika was reportedly not aware of Tom’s legal drama, but according to the Los Angeles Times, she was called to testify in his case before she filed for divorce. She could not appear in court as she was out of town, seemingly in Lake Tahoe with her co-stars.

In November 2020, Erika informed Kyle, Lisa, Rinna and Dorit Kemsley about the filing in a text message, which read, “Ladies, I truly consider you my close friends. And this is why I’m reaching out to tell you that I filed for divorce this morning. Thank you for supporting me. This will be tough.”

The following month, Edelson PC filed a lawsuit against the spouses, accusing them of embezzling $2 million in settlement funds intended to help families of Lion Air Flight 610 victims. The firm claimed that Tom and Erika’s split was an attempt to fraudulently protect their money. Their assets were subsequently frozen.

The former lawyer has been diagnosed with late-onset Alzheimer’s and dementia. Due to his illness, a judge ruled that his brother, Robert, should take over his decisions about his health, healthcare, daily dealings, estate and finances.

According to ABC News, a new documentary, The Housewife and the Hustler, will explore Erika and Tom’s legal scandals. The show will be streamed on Hulu and is set to premiere on Monday, 14 June 2021. The documentary is expected to feature voicemail messages, court records and a never-before-aired tape of Tom.


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