Erika’s death in SWAT sends strong message about racism

Erika’s untimely death in the latest episode of SWAT has shocked loyal viewers, who were taken aback by the show’s decision to blatantly show the outcome of racism.

Erika’s death in the last moments of the latest episode of SWAT, which aired on CBS on Thursday, 28 January 2021, left viewers speechless at the plot twist. The episode saw the team entering the home of racists who made it their mission to attack Black Americans that crossed their paths. In an attempt to take down the gunmen who threatened to kill more people, the team engaged in a shootout, which they believed they had won.

The closing scene of the episode saw them leaving the home with Erika believed to be fine. Shortly thereafter, she suddenly fell to the ground upon realising she had been hit in the crossfire, ultimately leading to her death. Viewers were shocked to see the character’s death, as her storyline saw her working towards moving up the ranks and planning to move in with Chris as her roommate.

The episode was praised for the spotlight it shone on White supremacists who ultimately ended up killing one of the Black members of the team. According the comments left on the preview shared on YouTube, many believe that CBS and SWAT have done a good job at showcasing systemic racism throughout season four, especially in light of the social climate in America.

Actress, Lyndie Greenwood, bid farewell to her character in an Instagram post on Friday, 29 January 2021, where she shared a behind-the-scenes image of the team on her last day on set. She captioned the post, “Thanks for watching Erika’s journey on SWAT! Was a fun ride with a great crew.” Fans shared their gratitude for her contribution to the show, and expressed their sadness that she would not be able to make a comeback due to the fact that Erika had died.