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ExploreLearning Reflex maths fluency online resources

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ExploreLearning Reflex is one of the online educational platforms that specifically cater for young adults’ needs through fun and interactive games that make learning easy.

ExploreLearning Reflex found a niche in the market of online educational platforms by focusing on children and young adults’ educational needs. The institution stated, “The most effective math fact fluency solution ever made, and [it is] the most fun!”

In explaining the terms and conditions, the website discusses the Reflex Educator Grant Programme, which is a grant that “gives outstanding teachers free access to digital math fact fluency solution (Grade 2+) for students for 12 months.”

Through the accepted teacher, the students will have access to study material and games available on the platform.

Sign up for ExploreLearning Reflex’s maths fluency online resources here.

Sabelo Makhubo
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