Finding purpose in life after 50

There is no timeline for finding purpose in life

How to live a purposeful midlife

As we grow and change, we find newer purposes which are realistic to our own reality. Finding purpose is not limited to a young age, it’s important for a lifespan of human existence. You have probably spent half of your life nurturing and parenting your children and your purpose was tied to their growth and survival. Now they are all grown and have their own families, but you on the other hand, are alone because your purpose left with them. Be that as it may be, don’t fret;, you are never late discover a new purpose in life.

If you are over 50 and looking for a purpose in life, you’re at a better chance of finding your true and real purpose than a much younger person. You have over fifty years experience of life and you are well informed and equipped for a purposeful life.

Draw from your past experiences

Finding a purpose doesn’t have be something new, you could choose from your own experiences and enhance your purpose. For example, you have spent perhaps more than 20 years teaching and nurturing your own children. You probably have experienced a few heartbreaks in the past and have dealt with failure. You could use your experience to help and teach younger people. Your experiences will motivate and inspire young people. You could start a blog which discusses a variety of topics ranging from parenting, love and relationships, career, etc.

Find a niche market in your area

Take a look at your surroundings and identity the missing element. If you’re in a predominantly elderly area, find ways you could help and motivate them. You could help them make new friends, or connect with their families. You could also help the youth by organising motivational seminars, career fairs to motivate  and equip them. If you are interested in literature, you could start a book club which includes the elderly and people who have retired.