Gemini Official

Gemini Official gained popularity by sharing comedy videos on TikTok, however, his account was removed following allegations that he groomed underage girls.

Gemini Official, whose real name is unknown, is a sketch comedy content creator. He rose to fame by sharing comedy videos on his TikTok account. He accumulated more than 118 million hearts before the account was removed.

Early Life

Gemini Official, also known as The Gemini, was born on 29 June 2000 in the United States of America (USA). He is the son of Shannon and Paul Bryant Sr. It is unknown where he attended high school, however, he studied theatre and acting at the North Western State University in Louisiana.

He quickly became very popular for his comedy videos on the social media platform, TikTok. He had over three million subscribers before his account was banned.

Why was Gemini Official banned from TikTok?

Gemini Official was banned from TikTok following allegations that he has been grooming underage girls. He was also allegedly seeking inappropriate relationships with them.

The allegations against him can be traced back to several months ago. Another popular TikTok user, Ruby (@rubytheawesometurd) started accusing The Gemini of behaving inappropriately with underage girls. At the time, The Gemini was 20 years old while Ruby was 16 years old.

Ruby claimed that he had reached out to her on Snapchat as well as other social media platforms. He allegedly constantly asked her to FaceTime with him. The Gemini also allegedly flirted with her, even though he was aware that she was 16 years old.

Ruby faced backlash for the allegations. Many people accused Ruby of simply trying to gain popularity by bringing “false” allegations against The Gemini. Ruby lost thousands of follows after she made the allegations, and ultimately deleted her TikTok channel. It was also rumoured that Ruby had set Gemini Official up, luring him into flirting with her in order to post about it online, in an effort to destroy his reputation.

The dispute regarding The Gemini seemed to die down for a while, however, additional girls started coming forward and sharing their own stories. Various girls alleged that Gemini Official had displayed grooming behaviour towards them. Another TikTok user, @stfulili stated that when she was 15 years old, The Gemini, who was 19 years old at the time, constantly asked her to visit him when they were both in Los Angeles for a creator event.

She stated that when she told him that she could not drive to see him, he offered to pay for an Uber for her. In one of her TikTok videos, @stfulili stated, “I am not going to go into the details as of what happened in the hotel, but you can probably imagine.”

As for Gemini Official’s side of the story, he essentially denied all of the allegations made against him. However, he later stated that he had not realized that the girls he was flirting with were underage. After he faced online backlash, he admitted that he did know that the girls were underage.

While this was going on, many people took to Twitter and other social media platforms, demanding that Gemini Official be banned from TikTok.

Apology videos

After the commotion caused by @stfulili’s allegations against him, he responded to the allegations with a string of apology videos. However, the apology videos have since been deleted. Another YouTuber, known as Zel, posted his full apology video on her channel in October 2020.

In the beginning of the video, The Gemini stated, “I am just going to make a series of videos explaining, owning up and taking accountability. As many of you know, there has been a bunch of drama going down particularly with this girl Lili.”

He stated that he was not going to explain the story, as there are many stories around everyone’s TikTok accounts, as well on people’s Twitch accounts. He admitted that he “got with this girl, and she is 15 years old.” Gemini explained that he really did not know that she was 15 years old when he got involved with her. He added, “I paid for her Uber. She came and hang out with me. After the fact that I found out that she was 15, and I still kept talking to her.”

The Gemini admitted that he asked the underage girl to “FaceTime f*&k.” He described this situation as “completely disgusting.” In the video, Gemini Official continued to explain that he is aware that it is a very serious situation. However, knowing that did not stop him from talking to her.

Many fans wondered why he did not block her or delete her number upon finding out. Gemini Official stated, “I did not want to block her or run away. I know what I did was wrong, and I made sure that she was okay because I did not know.” He added, “I kept her number on my phone because if she wanted to go legal or take action, she has my information.” He continued that he did not force the girl to do anything, and he did not manipulate her.

He revealed that he does not intentionally abuse, attack or go after TikTok children. Gemini Official further stated, “I am sorry to Lili and her family. And to any of the other creators or people who have been affected by this whole situation.” He added, “I never meant for any of this to happen. But I made it worse by not going about it in the correct way.”

He admitted that he ended up victimizing and manipulating his audience. He also revealed that he was very upset with himself, as he had put his family in danger. He stated, “I did try to kill myself, because this is not who I am, but everybody thinks I am this bad person. It is not who I am.”

Gemini Official explained that he does not wish harm on people, nor does he wish anything bad on them. He added, “I just want everybody to be happy, but I am sorry to the people that I have hurt.”

The Gemini also revealed that he has sought help, and that he has been receiving intense therapy sessions since the situation started. However, he admitted that the intense therapy statement was a lie. He added, “I am going to therapy on the weekends. I apologize for lying to you guys.”

The TikTok star continued to apologize to Lili and her family. He also apologized to “Papa Gut” for lying to him, manipulating him and making him angry. Gemini Official also issued an apology to Mr. Bruno, a fellow TikTok star.

Lastly, Gemini apologized to his audience. In his apology, he stated, “You guys mean the world to me. I am sorry that you guys had to see me in this way, but this is not who I am. I am sorry that I tried to manipulate you guys. I am sorry that I argued with a lot of you and being petty.”

Gemini Official explained that Lili has decided to give him a second chance in life. He stated, “She knows that I am not a bad person, or that I wanted to hurt her. Her family wanted to take action, but she felt bad and knew that I did not wish to hurt her or anything.” He added, “So she decided to give me a second chance and again, I want to say thank you for that.” Gemini Official revealed that the situation should have never happened. He apologized once more to all the people involved.

The Gemini revealed that he will continue with his therapy sessions. He also admitted that the video will be the last time he speaks about the situation. As the video concluded, he stated, “I just want to go back to making videos and to making you guys laugh and giving you entertainment.”

Gemini Official set his TikTok account on private after he deleted the apology videos

Reactions on social media

Gemini Official received a lot of online hate after he posted his apology videos. Various TikTok users, including Mr. Bruno, demanded that he be banned from the platform. Several fans also took to Twitter to plead with TikTok to remove Gemini Official permanently.

Even though Gemini Official wanted to go back to creating comedy videos, it was not possible as he ultimately got banned from TikTok.

Return to TikTok

A YouTuber known as Its Dark uploaded a video titled “The Return of Gemini Official (TikTok Predator)” in December 2020. In the video, he explained that Gemini Official allegedly made a new TikTok account. The new TikTok account’s biography allegedly stated, “No haters are going to stop me.”

Gemini Official allegedly created videos for two weeks before he got banned again. The YouTuber stated, “Gemini really thought that people are just going to accept him back on the platform after doing all the awful stuff.”

The video featured another TikTok star who allegedly followed Gemini Official on Snapchat. Gemini Official reportedly announced on Snapchat that he signed a contract with TikTok that would allow him to create a new account.

Despite the announcement, Gemini Official has not returned to TikTok.


It appears that Gemini Official’s account no longer exist on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter. It is unknown if he decided to delete his account or if he has been banned.

It also seems like Gemini Official has completely disappeared from social media, as no one has heard from him since.