Gloomhaven board game

If Dungeons & Dragons was a game you found thrilling, then you will probably enjoy playing the Gloomhaven board game.

If your idea of fun is going head-to-head in combat with monsters, then a variety of board games will offer you that kind of world.

The Gloomhaven board game is one such game that will thrill players that have an interest in worlds where strategically conquering monsters through card-play brings them excitement.

If you want to be engrossed in the kind of gameplay that involves fighting off demons and monsters and fighting your way through scary dungeons in a quest to earn cash rewards and boost your reputation, then the Gloomhaven board game is a game you will want to try.

About Gloomhaven

The Gloomhaven board game is a fantasy-themed cooperative party dungeon-crawler game for one to five players.

Players can incorporate tactical warfare with RPG combat in a single box and set out to triumph in combat-based scenarios that vary in difficulty, depending on the number of players.

There are up to 95 unique playable scenarios and up to 17 playable classes. The game is a strategic and thematic game that falls in the categories of adventure, exploration, fantasy, combat, and miniatures. In this game all the players work together.

Gloomhaven board game

In this board game, players all assume the roles of wandering adventurers with their own special sets of skills and their own reasons for travelling to this dark corner of the world. Players must work together to clear out the threatening dungeons and forgotten ruins.

In the process, they enhance their abilities with experience and loot by discovering new locations to explore and plunder, and they expand on the story through the decisions they make.

After every scenario, players make crucial decisions on their next moves, which ultimately determines how the story continues.

At each turn a player can choose two cards to play. The number at the top of the card determines their intuition for the round.

Each card has a top and bottom power, and when it is a player’s turn in the intuitive order, they decide whether to use the top power of one card and the bottom of another card, or vice versa for actions such as moving, healing, and attacking the monsters.

Players need to be careful, though, as they can permanently lose cards from their hands and when they take too long to clear a dungeon, they may become exhausted and be forced to retreat.

Characters and monsters move about on hex tiles which represent dungeons and cellars. The discrete missions are played within a central campaign and fit inside a main, all-encompassing storyline that follows the rise of powerful mysterious forces and the fate of the city of Gloomhaven.

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Gloomhaven classes and characters

To play the game you need to create your character, but in doing so you need to decide which class you will play. New players have a choice between six options, with a variety of playing styles to choose from. These are explained below.

Character classes Playstyles
Brute ·    Typical tanky type

·    Generous HP and deals out heavy melee damage

·    Wants to charge to the frontline of battle

·    Bludgeoning all who cross their path

Tinkerer ·    Support class

·    Heal wounds and cast penetrating status effects to damage enemies from afar

·    Use potent elixirs and contraptions from ability cards

·    Hang back from the main scrum of adventurers

Spellweaver ·    A magical savant drawing upon elemental powers to launch shocking attacks on larger dungeon floors

·    Keep out of central combat

Scoundrel ·    Specialise in stabbing enemies

·    Loot gold from the dungeon floor

·    High movement and invisibility effects allow for scoundrels to dish out high damage to single enemies

·    Gold accumulators

Cragheart ·    Deliver solid melee and ranged attacks

·    Hurl boulders at distant enemies

·    Break obstacles to clear a line of sight

Mindthief ·    The hardest to pin down

·    Brings variety to the party

·    Slice enemies, leaving them with pernicious status effects

·    Uses psychic powers on enemies to make them vulnerable to ally attack

Gloomhaven scenarios

The scenarios of the game are where the real excitement lies. All the fighting, tactical decision-making, and action takes place in scenarios.

The first few scenarios follow a linear progression, but soon, parties are faced with branching paths and choosing which dungeons to explore next and which quests to go on.

Gloomhaven combat

Combat is the central component in the Gloomhaven game. Its turn-based combat system comes from its tactical decision-making where players need to maximise their effectiveness in combat while working within the limits of the luck of the draw.

Moreover, enemies are automated and move by assigned routes attacking in accordance with predetermined stats.