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Going out strategically can save you money

Going out strategically can save you money

Living in Johannesburg, there are ways to go out economically and without breaking the budget.

Part of the luxury of living in a city like Johannesburg is the night life. Most of the time, going out can be an expensive excursion, with having to pay for entrances, drinks and travelling costs. However, there are ways to bypass the expenses by going out strategically.

One of the most popular ways of doing so is by knowing that Johannesburg has special days where there are nightlife activations that take place monthly. The most popular of those is ‘The First’ series.  At the beginning of every month, different suburbs in Johannesburg host either A First Thursday, Friday or Sunday.

The activations depend on the local hotspots of the specific suburb. For instance, First Thursdays are usually hosted in suburbs like Rosebank, Braamfontein, Auckland Park and Melville. These usually entail art galleries hosting opening night exhibitions, night hotspots forfeit entrance fees until later in the evening and there are drink specials as well.

Going out during these days is usually cheaper because of the variety of activities that a person can go to and indulge in, where one can get a free glass of wine at an exhibition, launch, etc. Additionally, if you go the nightspots early enough, the money that would have been spent on entrance can be used for drinks.

Another way to find inexpensive ways to go out is by subscribing to lifestyle and events websites. These sites usually provide alerts for early bird tickets and activations that will take place in your neighbourhood or surrounding areas.

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