Grinch Grab game

In the Christmas Grinch Grab game, players must punch through cups to reveal surprises, with the option of swapping goodies with other players.

Parties are a wonderful way to bring people together for a celebration of any occasion, although many people do not need a reason to have a party. Parties are completed with some good games to play for entertainment, and ideas are endless.

For a cute Christmas party game idea, the Grinch Grab punch game can be fun. This is not a drinking game, however, as some may assume, since punch is a popular drink at parties. It is a game of surprises and goodies inspired by the Grinch and using punch drinking.

Preparing for a Grinch inspired grab game

The Grinch Grab game is an enjoyable and festive game that can be played by people of all ages, so the kids can also enjoy it. It is worth noting that you need to prepare for the game in order to carry it out well.

You will need a number of supplies, but the aim is to ensure that your game is truly inspired by the Grinch. Grab supplies that truly represent the Grinch theme, meaning you need to look for plenty of green, and a few red items.

Since this game is all about gifts and surprises, try to have Christmas treats and gifts. The goal is to have plenty of “Christmasy” surprises with green and red being the main colour themes.

Grinch Grab game

The Grinch Grab game is inspired by a game from The Price is Right where contestants on the show punch circles in the hopes of winning some prizes.

The same is done with the Grinch Grab Christmas Punch game. Players have to punch through the tissue paper to find a prize awaiting them inside, but how is this game played?

Each person gets a turn to punch through tissue paper on one cup. If you have made more punch cups, this is even better, as players can get multiple punches.

When you punch the cup, it will reveal prizes inside and if someone does not like their prize, they can choose to swap prizes with someone else who also does not like their prize. This may be the case if you have kids playing the game.

To turn the game into a true Grinch grabbing game that is more suited to teens and adults, you can secretly place three hearts in three cups.

Have people come and punch through a cup, take their surprises and show them to the group, then hide them. If a person punches a cup with a secret heart in it, they get a grinch grab.

What would a Grinch Grab entail?

If you discover a heart with your goodies in a cup, you get a Grinch Grab. This is when you get to choose to keep your goodies or trade them with someone else, but with a twist.

You will have to ask someone who has already claimed a prize if you can trade with them, but the trick is that you have to remember what their goodies are.

Guesses do not have to be perfect, but they should be quite close enough. If you have asked the wrong person or guessed the wrong prize, you lose your opportunity to trade.

Players can earn a punch for more interesting gameplay

Instead of everyone just taking turns, make the game more exciting by adding a challenge to earn a punch. These are some ideas of how players can earn punches:

Idea How to earn
Idea 1
  • Players roll dice
  • Rolling doubles earns you a punch
Idea 2
  • Come up with Christmas trivia questions
  • Correct answers earn you a punch
Idea 3
  • Play a simple Minute to Win It game
  • Winners of each round earn a punch

Supplies needed for the game

You can design the punch board to have the cups form the shape of a Christmas tree for creativity. Glue the cups to the board, leaving a bit of space between them to make adding tissue on each cup easy.

Once the cups are glued on, fill them up with goodies. Add three hearts into three random cups and then cover each one with tissue paper and secure it with rubber bands to prevent the goodies from falling out.

Supplies Use Where to buy
Light green plastic cups Glue them onto the foam board and fill with goodies

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Light green tissue paper To cover the cups filled with goodies

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Rubber bands To secure the tissue paper over the cup

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Heart stickers Place them in three random cups for the Grinch Grab

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Foam board To stick on the plastic cups for the game

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