HBO Max announces new docu-series, Wahl Street, starring Mark Wahlberg

HBO Max will be showcasing the multi-faceted life of Mark Wahlberg in his new docu-series, Wahl Street, which is set to highlight how he has maintained his success in the industry for over 30 years.

HBO Max released the official trailer of the new docu-series, Wahl Street, in March 2021 on YouTube.

The reality show, which premieres on Thursday, 15 April 2021, will follow the life of successful actor, businessman, husband and father, Mark Wahlberg, who is set to show how he is able to remain on top of every area of his life.

The award-winning actor will document the day-to-day elements of his life, where viewers will be able to learn how he has structured his life so that he remains relevant in pop culture and in the business world for over 30 years.

According to HBO Max, “Building a business is tough. But when it’s your purpose, you do everything you can to make it happen. Wahl Street follows Mark Wahlberg on his journey as an entrepreneur, actor, producer, and family man.”

In particular, the docu-series will focus on his restaurant and clothing businesses, which remain amongst his riskiest investments.