Home Economics premieres on ABC

Home Economics premiered on ABC this April, documenting the lives of three adult siblings who are forced to live together due to their current financial situations.

Home Economics premiered on ABC on Wednesday, 7 April 2021, starring Jimmy Tatro as Conner, Topher Grace as Tom, and Caitlin McGee as Sarah. The trio play adult siblings who are confined to a small apartment after deciding to become roommates, as a way to split their rent and living expense.

In a video shared on the show’s official Instagram page on Saturday, 10 April 2021, Topher described the series by stating, “This is a story about three siblings who loved each other, but money got in the way. Whilst money can divide us, its family that unites us.”

The series has received mixed reviews since its premiere, as some viewers believe that it includes racial stereotypes. In particular, Home Economics received criticism for the character of Maria, who is the siblings’ Mexican housekeeper.