Hotel Hell: Applegate River Lodge’s new owners

The Davis family, from Hotel Hell’s second season, has sold its beloved 29-year-old Applegate River Lodge to a new family.

None of the lodging establishments featured on Gordon Ramsay’s reality series, Hotel Hell, have been as laid-back as the Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, which was featured on the second season of the show all the way back in 2014.

While most fans and viewers of the show will remember Applegate River Lodge for its medical marijuana and wild parties, this lodge and its owners actually had quite a rich 29-year-long history in the town.

When the now-divorced Richard and Joanna Davis first decided to move from California to Oregon to open their restaurant, which later became a lodge-with-a-restaurant they employed the help of several community members to help them get the establishment up and running.

This assistance came in several forms, ranging from monetary donations to the furnishings and decorations which were in the rooms when Ramsay first arrived.

Moreover, it has helped to establish this lodge as a real firm favorite among the Applegate locals.

However, the Davises have always been free spirits and in 2021, after Hotel Hell helped to transport the lodge into a more modern era, Joanna announced that they had put this beloved lodge up for sale in order to focus on their travels and other interests.

By December of 2022, a deal had been closed and the Applegate River Lodge has been sold to Anna and Mike Eastman, who will be keeping with the lodge’s family-run traditions, even though they do plan to implement a few upgrades in the near future.

The Eastmans have not disclosed how much they paid for the lodge, but a now-inactive listing for the property reveals that Joanna’s asking price was around $2,900,000 in 2022.

Applegate River Lodge in a nutshell

Before Applegate River Lodge takes on its brand-new persona, it may be good to take a look at everything that has happened at this space in the past few decades.

The entire Applegate River Lodge history leading up to this change can be summarized as follows:

Date Event
1974 The restaurant opens
January 21, 1992 Joanna, Richard, Dusty and Duke Davis move to Applegate to open their restaurant
1994 The Davises add additional decking and bar areas
1997 The Applegate River Lodge is built
June 2013 The Hotel Hell filming crew arrives
August 4, 2014 The “Applegate River Lodge” episode airs
Spring 2021 Applegate River Lodge is placed on the market
December 1, 2022 The deal to sell Applegate River Lodge to the Eastmans closes
February 2023 Expected opening date for The Lindsay Restaurant

What the Eastmans have planned for the new lodge

When Joanna announced on the Applegator that she was putting this beloved lodge up for sale, she assured locals that she would only sell it “to someone who will continue [Applegate River Lodge’s] legacy” and although the Eastmans have promised to do just that, they do still plan to do a few “minor renovations to elevate the experience.”

The new and upgraded Applegate River Lodge received a brand new name, ‘The Lindsay’ after the Applegate Valley founder, Lindsay Applegate, brand new floors, upgraded rooms and a brand new restaurant.

The hope is that all of these changes and upgrades should help the renamed The Lindsay Lodge to establish itself as a refined wine country getaway, while retaining its humble charm.

The Lindsay’s new chef

The Lindsay Lodge has now been up and running for a few months and has even managed to garner three 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

But one of the aspects that has really elevated this lodge to new levels is the newly made-over The Lindsay Restaurant.

The Lindsay Restaurant has emerged as the brainchild of executive chef, John Blevins, who has orchestrated various lunch specials, seasonal menus and special occasion brunches over the last couple of months.

He plans to continue “freestyling” his way to the very top of Applegate’s foodie community in the future.

What the Davis family is doing now

There is no doubt that The Applegate River Lodge had deep roots within the Applegate community and the lodge’s old Facebook page (which has now been aptly renamed to ‘Memories of the Applegate River Lodge & Restaurant’) is still active today.

In fact, Duke recently utilized this page to request footage of his sax-playing skills for an upcoming, mystery music project.

Richard and Dusty have been fairly quiet since the lodge sold, but it seems like Joanna is still an Applegate local.

The Lindsay’s Instagram page confirmed that “Joanna still lives very close and comes in often for dinner” earlier this in 2023.