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How American Horror Stories connects to the American Horror Story universe

American Horror Stories takes fans through the strange story set within the American Horror Story universe, featuring many connections between the series and the one that preceded it.

American Horror Stories, a spin-off series of American Horror Story (AHS), premiered on Thursday, 15 July 2021. Prior to the premiere, fans speculated that the new series would connect to, or exist in the same nightmarish universe as American Horror Story. This turned out to be true, as the first two episodes of American Horror Stories connect to the original series.

The first two episodes of the series, titled “Rubber (Wo)man” parts one and two, take fans back to where it all began – the Murder House from season one. Given the title, viewers were not surprised to see the notorious Rubber Man suit return. In Stories, a family of two fathers, and their teenage daughter, Scarlett, are seen moving into the haunted house.

Scarlett is the one who takes interest in the haunted bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism (BDSM) attire. The first time she wears the suit and looks into the mirror, someone else wearing the suit stares back at her. The figure reminds fans of Rubber Man’s perverted history in the AHS series.

Later on in the episode, Scarlett is seen confessing her sexual desires to Maya during a sleepover, however, the girls secretly livestreamed everything she said. Just like AHS season one’s Violet, Scarlett reacts to this with an emotional bathtub scene and threats of suicide.

Fans later witnessed Maya being murdered by the Infantata, while Scarlett kills the other girls. As longtime AHS fans will remember, this creature is actually crafted from the remains of Nora and Charles Montgomery’s child, Thaddeus Montgomery.

Episode two features more Murder House connections, for instance, when the family gets a visit from one of the most horrifying ghosts, Piggy Man. As AHS fans will remember, Piggy Man played a big role in season six, as he killed anyone who dared to come close near Shelby’s house. However, he was first mentioned earlier on in the show, when season one’s “Piggy Piggy” episode premiered.

Halloween has always played an important role in AHS, especially when it comes to the characters who have passed away. As fans learned in season one, ghosts can only leave the place they died on Halloween. Episode two of Stories is set on Halloween, and follows spirits, like Ruby, as they leave the Murder House and go along with Scarlett in the real world.


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