How Bijuu Mike continued after nearly being “cancelled”

Bijuu Mike is a popular American YouTuber that was almost “cancelled” by the gaming community over a series of inflammatory utterances, which he claims were taken out of context.

Bijuu Mike’s tail end of 2020 was dramatic, as the YouTuber faced what was his first experience of social media backlash, which threatened to have him cancelled.

The backlash primarily stemmed from the LGBTQI+ community and members of the gaming world, and resulted in a storm that threatened his success and longevity.

According to reports, Bijuu Mike initially suggested that he does not have a problem with members of the LGBTQI+ community.

However, when asked about the LGBTQI+ community, he allegedly muttered what landed him in hot water with the community.

Following the backlash, Bijuu Mike claimed that the retelling of the incident was incorrect. Moreover, it was alleged that he was implicit in comments that downplayed abuse.

The two situations tipped the scale, as he subsequently took to Twitter to address the matter, specifically the backlash over his utterances that supposedly made light of abuse.

In tweets shared in November 2020, following the backlash, the YouTuber stated, “I need to clear this up. I do not ship anyone in Danganronpa, nor do I think abuse is okay; I am not a ‘shipper.’ I made some comments or light jokes but that is all they were. Keep in mind these are characters in a video game. This does not in any way shape or form reflect real life.”

Despite the backlash and threat of being cancelled, Bijuu Mike has continued to post gaming videos on his channel. He currently has more than 2.5 million subscribers and continues to garner the same number of views as he did in the past.

Bijuu Mike is one of the few YouTubers that have survived being “cancelled”, which is common on the platform.