How did Hanako-kun die?

The mystery of how the toilet-bound boy died remains unsolved to this day.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is a Japanese manga series that had its first run in 2014. It was written by Iro Aida, which consists of two people. Iro is the writer and Aida is the illustrator. The story follows the mystery of a girl who haunts the bathroom and can grant wishes, given the right price. Soon, the protagonist, Nene Yashiro, realises that this mystery girl is actually a boy who she ends up assisting in maintaining the balance between the human and spirit world. They have an unexpected bond that leads them to discover new things about themselves.

One way that Hanako-kun can be summoned is by knocking on the third stall of the girls’ bathroom. He has apparently been granting wishes and keeping the balance for some time, which brings into question his age. His mischievous behaviour suggests that he is young, but the duration of his presence suggests otherwise. It is believed that he has been dead for a while, hence the haunting that he has been doing in the toilets. A glimpse into his human life was shown at some point in the series, but his past has never been revealed. His past includes how he died, which is unknown to this day. He is also secretive about his life, which could mean that nobody will ever know about it.

He is believed to have been Amane Yugi in his past life as a human, and also somebody who attended the school he now terrorises. Given the little information shared about his past and present life, it is difficult to say how he died. Some believe that he killed himself due to bullying, while others say that his reasons are unknown. Regardless of how it happened, Hanako-kun is said to be over 50 years old in both the human and spirit world.