How did Machine Gun Kelly get his name?

Machine Gun Kelly reportedly got his name from someone who started addressing him as that after hearing him rap, which was not reference to the old American gangster of the same name.

Machine Gun Kelly addressed the origins of his stage name during a podcast session with fellow internationally recognised artist, Camila Cabello. In explaining the origins of his name, the musician told a bashful but simple story.

Machine Gun Kelly claimed that when he was still in his teens, he would rap for the crowd that had gathered outside the hair shop that he used to work at. Due to his ability to rap really fast, some members of the crowd started calling him by that name. After he heard it, it stuck.

He is not to be confused with the notorious American gangster, Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name was George Kelly Barnes. His name was inspired by his favourite gun to use, hence Machine Gun Kelly. He stands as the first to have been bestowed that name.