How do Instagram Influencers make money?

How do Instagram Influencers make their money, what makes users influencers, as well as how much do they make based on their following?


The biggest craze when it comes to the use of social media nowadays is becoming a social media influencer.

People are getting onto platforms and doing all that they can to be recognised as an Influencer, and becoming an Instagram Influencer is one of the most sought-after jobs.

Becoming an Instagram Influencer is not something that can particularly happen overnight, and it will take some hard work.

As an influencer, you will need to have the ability to naturally influence large audiences through your content, and many users of the platform might wonder how their favourite influencers make money.

Instagram Influencers and money

It is without a doubt that becoming an Instagram Influencer means you are going to benefit in some way.

Having reached influencer status on platforms means that you have made and continue to make a significant impact on the community, and that audiences relate to you or love to consume your content.

Influencers will find that as they grow their influence and reach on Instagram, it attracts some monetary opportunities for them, as brands and others will want to work with them.

How do Instagram Influencers make money?

Generally, Instagram Influencers make money through different avenues, and there are various factors that contribute to how they make that money depending on how good of an influencer they actually are.

Influencers can make money from ventures such as earning commissions from affiliate links, selling merchandise and Direct-to-Consumer products.

Big and reputable brands can also approach some influencers if they feel that they can represent their brand well and offer them sponsorship or ways of making money with them through making money for them.

One of the ways influencers are able to also remain relevant and keep making money is from ensuring that they are earning through multiple streams and not just one.

Additionally, they also ensure that they are also very careful to be consistent with their work, indicating just how much work it takes to maintain influencer status once it has been achieved.

Do followers determine influencer status?

The number of followers one has will definitely play a factor in acquiring influencer status. The more followers one has on Instagram, the better their chances of being regarded as an influencer are.

Additionally, they also have a bigger chance of making some money from it. The bigger the following the bigger the returns. It is important that followers are authentic and not fake so that engagement is also authentic.

Making money with larger audiences is easier, as brands can trust that if you are able to build large followings for yourself, then through you, they are also able to reach more customers.

Getting paid by Instagram

Besides making money from avenues outside Instagram, the platform has its own monetization features that can benefit influencers, and these include Instagram’s own affiliate marketing tools.

Influencers can get paid by Instagram from tools that include their ad revenue shares for ads played on IGTV, as well as through an incentives program called Bonuses, that is paying influencers and creators for using tools such as Lives and creating Reels.

Meta announced that it would be investing over $1 billion throughout 2022, intended to reward the platform’s dedicated creators and Influencers.

How much can influencers make depending on the number of followers?

Depending on the number of followers an Instagram Influencer has, earning will be different.

Influencers with less than 10 000 followers can make an average of $88.00 per post, whilst those with under 100 000 followers can see themselves making close to $200 for every post.

These figures will also vary depending on the account. Some accounts are also gifted with free products or discounts when posting.

For accounts with followings up to 250 000 and above, those influencers can find themselves making larger and often very comfortable figures.


Popularity will pay in the case of reaching influencer status on social media platforms.

The more popular a user is, the greater the possibility of being regarded as an influencer for that particular platform. Influencers literally have the power to influence large audiences and make money out of it.

Instagram Influencers can make money from lots of different avenues, both inside and outside of Instagram.

Instagram has its own monetization strategies in place to reward its influencers, while some might be making money from brands and other avenues outside of Instagram including sponsorships and affiliate marketing amongst many others.