How does Aphmau get her mods?

The mystery of how Aphmau gets her mods still remains an enigma as it is believed that her partner, John, creates her mods.

Minecraft mod playing is a popular sub-genre on the vast popular gaming platform. One of the leading Minecraft mod roleplayers is Minecraft YouTuber, Jessica, best known as either Jess or by her Minecraft alias, Aphmau.

Having cemented herself as the leading female Minecraft YouTuber, many of her followers and subscribers are interested in finding out how she creates her mods.

However, to date, this remains one of her best kept secrets, as no one knows how she gets them or where to purchase them from. This continues to garner her a bigger following.

Who is Aphmau?

Aphmau is widely regarded as the best female YouTuber with over 14.3 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel. However, the road was not an easy one for the American Minecraft YouTuber to get to where she is.

When she initially started her channel in 2012, it was called Challenge Accepted as she worked with friends Chris, Calvin, Jason, and Cole to create her fantastical roleplaying series.

However, Chris, Calvin, and Cole left, leaving Aphmau and her partner, Jason, to build the channel together.

Some of their successful roleplay videos and series include Minecraft Diaries, Dreams of Estorra, Minecraft Kindergarten, MyStreet, Phoenix Drop High, Mod Mod World, and Meteora Valley.

How does Aphmau get her mods?

With numerous memorable mods introduced in Aphmau’s videos and series, followers and subscribers of her channel have been interested in finding out how she creates her unique mods.

The mystery has been a matter of communal debates and exchanges from as early as 2017. But no one is closer to finding out the truth yet.

A consistently perpetuated narrative about how Aphmau creates her mods is that she does not, but that her partner, Jason, is credited with the creation of the mods. Jason is believed to custom-make the mods from plugins or make the mods himself from scratch.

Supporting this ongoing narrative is the fact that unlike some Minecraft mod roleplayers, who sell packs of their mods to the public, Aphmau has not done so with any of her mods.

This supports the narrative that her mods are uniquely created for her channel and for the various series and videos that she shares with her subscribers and followers.

Hence, for fans who may want to create similar mods as Aphmau, Minecraft has Aphmau’s first skin pack available for purchase.

Alternatively, a number of videos share tips and tricks to best achieve the closest resembling mods to those that Aphmau creates. Our favourite video in this regard is here.

Aside from asserting that you cannot get Aphmau’s mods, it shares advice about how you can best create them yourself with the user actively engaging with the comments on the post if you get stuck.

Aphmau’s most memorable mod characters

Considering that Aphmau’s has been one of the leading Minecraft mod roleplayers for close to a decade now, she has created a number of memorable mod characters.

At the top of the list is her own mod, which is the main protagonist in most of the videos and series that she releases. But other memorable characters include:

  • Liochant
  • Laurence
  • Garroth
  • Shad
  • Katelyn
  • Lucinda
  • Zane
  • Kim
  • Aaron

Aphmau’s most successful Minecraft mod series

In light of her success, Aphmau has created a number of successful Minecraft mod series. However, arguably the most successful and longest-running Minecraft mod series which continues to garner a new following with every release is MyStreet.

The first season of the series premiered on YouTube in 2015, featuring a collection of Aphmau’s most memorable mod characters that have everyday interactions with each other in the alternate universe which is named after the title of the series.

Now, the series is in its sixth season, which premiered on YouTube in May 2018, subtitled When Angels Fall. The recent season has 18 episodes in it to binge on YouTube.

Aphmau’s latest Minecraft mod series

The last Minecraft series that Aphmau introduced was in June 2019, and it was titled Diaries Rebirth.

In the nine-episode series, which concluded in September 2019, Aphmau revisited the early days of her career and the characters that she had created and has since let go of as she continued to grow in the space.

The series had an open-ended conclusion, and her followers are still calling for her to return to producing more episodes, especially since her recent content is producing episodic videos, music videos, and skits.

Fans still want her to return to long-form content like her successful series.