How long does it take for Redbubble to pay you?

How long Redbubble sellers can expect to wait to receive their payments for the number of sales they have made, as well as how selling on Redbubble works.


Creators have found a lot of places online to take advantage of making money for their work. There are many online platforms that offer creators and specifically artists platforms to showcase their talents and share them with different online communities, while making money. Redbubble is one of these platforms.

Making use of online marketplaces might have people wondering how long it takes for certain platforms such as Redbubble to pay artists for the sales they have made on the platform. This can also be dependent on the payment methods that a seller or the platform chooses to pay in.

Payments from Redbubble

Artists have a great platform to use to showcase their art and prints on Redbubble. It is a leading Print-On-Demand online marketplace, where sellers sell their art in the form of prints on various items as per the requests of the customer.

Sellers are able to earn some money for themselves, but only receive their earnings from Redbubble at a certain date and after a certain time.

Payments will also differ depending on the payment methods that a seller has opted to get paid in, whether it be via PayPal or through certain banks that process payments.

How long does it take for Redbubble to pay you?

Getting paid by Redbubble will depend on the payment method a seller has chosen to get paid in. sellers can get paid via their PayPal as well as from different banks, depending on their location.

According to Redbubble, their payment process will usually take around 24 hours, which is also dependent on the number of payments that need to be made.

Redbubble also confirms that it will normally process payments out to eligible artists on the fifteenth of each month, with a process that entails the internal payment system crunching in the numbers for your payment and creating the remittance advice.

For PayPal payments, sellers can expect to be paid almost immediately if the account is set up correctly. United States banks will process payments between one to two days as with Australian banks, and United Kingdom banks taking two to four days.

How does Redbubble work?

Sellers will have to sign up for a Redbubble account and upload their artwork. They would then have to choose which products to list their artwork on, give their design a title, description and include relevant tags that are enough to get their products noticed, then publish their product.

Customers will have to search for their favourite item on Redbubble, hopefully stumble on your design and purchase it.

Redbubble will then print your artwork onto their chosen item, such as a t-shirt and ship it to the customer while crediting your account with your royalties.

Is it necessary to promote your Redbubble store for sales?

In any case, when you are looking to sell something and make money, it is always necessary for you to promote your product or store to get word out on what you are offering.

When it comes to Redbubble, they do not consider this a step that sellers need to take to make sales, and this is because Redbubble already has dedicated organic traffic from search engines with an audience that is regularly searching on the platform to find certain products they are interested in purchasing.

With this algorithm, your titles and descriptions should help.

How much of a seller’s earnings does Redbubble take?

For sellers making use of online marketplaces to sell their products and services, knowing what percentage they get to keep, and which goes to the platform is going to be important.

When it comes to Redbubble, how much it takes will depend on you to an extent. Redbubble has a base price for each product which is how much it costs them to produce and print the product.

An artist margin, which is how much royalty you make per sale, is set at 20 percent by default. However, as a seller, you are able to change that.


With online marketplaces becoming one of the ways people are doing business and selling their products and services, knowing how much they can earn and how long it can take for platforms to make their payments is important. Different platforms will have different methods of paying their online sellers.

For sellers using Redbubble to sell their products and services, they will usually have to wait between one to two days for their payments to come through.

Sellers can choose to get paid via PayPal, or through certain banks that can process payments coming from Redbubble. Sellers also determine the percentages Redbubble takes.