How many Hotel Hell hotels are still open?

Out of the 20 total hotels that were featured on the Hotel Hell show featuring Gordon Ramsay, only 9 are still open, which is less than half.

Many people initially started watching Hotel Hell because they previously enjoyed some of Gordon Ramsay’s other shows, but then they stayed to see how these businesses were turned around in the course of an episode.

However, now that the show has finished airing, only nine out of the total 20 hotels featured on Hotel Hell are still open.

Why do people watch Hotel Hell?

The first episode of the popular television series, Hotel Hell aired on 13 August, 2012. Although the show initially drew interest from fans of other television series that feature celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, the show quickly grew its own, loyal following.

During the course of this show, Chef Ramsay observes the businesses to find out where their issues lie and he then address these issues with the owners and staff of the restaurants, in the hopes that they will implement the changes to help their failing businesses. The hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts are also updated to attract new customers.

How many Hotel Hell hotels are still open?

Even though Chef Ramsay’s previous successes on his other shows indicated that he had a great skill for improving and turning around the business-models of failing restaurants, many people doubted whether he would have the same success rate in the hotel business, in which he did not have as much experience.

The Hotel Hell episodes follow the same basic structure of some of the other Gordon Ramsay shows, where Chef Ramsay first observes the daily operations of the business, then he has a one-on-one meeting with the usually hot-headed owner of the business.

Finally, he convinces this owner to implement some changes and upgrades to improve their revenue. However, Hotel Hell differed from many of the other shows in that it did not have a later episode where Chef Ramsay visited these hotels again to see if they maintained the implemented changes over time.

This is why many viewers who were sceptical at the beginning of the show were left wondering whether Chef Ramsay’s interventions truly changed the fate of the businesses featured on Hotel Hell over the three seasons.

Over the course of the Hotel Hell show, Chef Ramsay visited 20 hotel, inns, and bed and breakfasts and of these, nine are still open in 2022.

This means that the show only has a 45 percent success rate for the hotels featured in the episodes, and more than half of the featured businesses have since closed down.

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How many Hotel Hell hotels from each season are still open?

Although the show may seem like a failure, given that more than half of the featured businesses closed down after Ramsay intervened, the show’s overall success rate did increase with every new season released.

The number of hotels that are still open from each of the three Hotel Hell seasons can be summarised as follows:

Hotel Hell season How many hotels were featured in the season? How many of the hotels are still open in 2022? What is the success rate of businesses for this season?
Season 1 5 1 20 percent
Season 2 8 4 50 percent
Season 3 7 4 57 percent

Which hotels from Hotel Hell are still open?

Knowing the success rate and how many hotels are still open from Hotel Hell can be interesting if you are an avid watcher of the show or if you want to visit some of the businesses that were featured in the show, it is most important to know which of the hotels are still open.

The list of which Hotel Hell hotels are still open in 2022 is:

Hotel Hell hotel name Which Hotel Hell episode was this business featured on?
Landoll’s Mohican Castle Season 3, episode 8
Brick Hotel Season 3, episode 6
Town’s Inn Season 3, episode 3 and 4
Angler’s Lodge Season 3, episode 1
Murphys Hotel Season 2, episode 8
Hotel Chester Season 2, episode 4
Applegate River Lodge Season 2, episode 3
Meson De Mesilla Season 2, episode 1
The Roosevelt Inn Season 1, episode 6

How many Hotel Hell hotels have since closed down?

Since only nine out of the 20 total hotels featured in Hotel Hell are still open, this means that 11 of these businesses were not a success, even after their episodes aired. The number of hotels that have closed since their episodes aired is:

Hotel Hell season Number of businesses that closed down
Season 1 4
Season 2 4
Season 3 3