How many Story views do celebrities get on Instagram?

Determining how many Instagram Story views a celebrity or influencer can get, why verified celebrities might be viewing ordinary users stories, and how to increase views.


Being a celebrity comes with status and a certain image that needs to be maintained, both in the public eye as well as the online community. Having a social media presence as a celebrity is a great way of boosting your following amongst online communities and keeping fans engaged.

Many celebrities and influencers will have people glued to their screens watching their social media accounts to see what they will post next. Instagram is where most popular celebrities share content in posts and stories and fans get to view their Instagram Stories and like their posts.

Celebrity Instagram story views

Instagram Stories have become a good way of sharing photos and video content. Stories compile your chosen photos and videos into one story for your followers to view at once, within a 24-hour period.  Instagram Stories tell you who has viewed your Story and the number of views the Story has.

In regard to celebrities or influencers and how many Story views they get, there could possibly be no way of telling, especially when it comes to the biggest celebrities with hundreds of millions of followers, though it is worth looking into.

How many Story views do celebrities get on Instagram?

It is often the case that celebrity profiles are public and, thus, are open to the whole Instagram community. This means that Story views can be over millions for the most influential celebrities.

For famous influencers with lots of followers, views can vary. As an influencer with about 15 000 followers, you could get approximately 800 story views, whereas having around 69 000 followers can get you approximately 4 000 story views.

In the same way, influencers with a significant number of followers could sometimes get lower views than those with less followers.

An influencer with 25 600 followers can get 2 300 views, while an influencer with 35 000 followers can get a mere 380 views.

The numbers will vary depending on how well people consume your content and how wide your reach is. From this we can deduce that having more followers does not necessarily guarantee you will get the most Instagram Story views.

Celebrities viewing ordinary users Stories

There have been cases where ordinary Instagram users noticed that verified celebrity accounts have viewed their Stories.

Theories behind this suggest that it is likely because an account aligned with a celebrity’s niche market, there may be shared common interests, or your account could be appearing on a media platform.

Some users have speculated that this occurs as a result of celebrities using bots or following tools that view people’s content, and that it is likely not always the actual celebrity viewing your story, as many might hope.

How to get more views on your Instagram Stories

There are ways to increase your Instagram Story views if you are looking to expand your reach. You can do this by planning Stories and takeovers and informing your audience of when you plan to do this so that they stay tuned to your Story and content output.

You can also use stickers to engage with your followers such as pols, questions boxes, and emoji sliders. This can increase engagement on your Stories. You can also reveal new content or recent feed posts on your Stories to drive traffic to your profile.

Reasons why Story views drop

There are times when the number of views you get on your Stories can drop and leave you wondering why. It could be that most of your previous story views were bot-generated, resulting in a spike in inauthentic engagement.

If your content has been stagnant and has not been consistently posted, people may lose interest in viewing your Story. You need to find creative ways of boosting your content.

If you are not using enough Story hashtags, this can cause a drop in views, since hashtags make you more discoverable.

Final thoughts

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way of sharing your Instagram content as a collection of photos and videos in one place. It is also a good promotional tool for those who need it, such as influencers. Users get to view your Instagram Story and engage with it within a 24-hour window.

Celebrities and influencers probably get a lot of attention for their Instagram Stories. The exact numbers of Story views for celebrities are difficult to determine, though, as views depend on how well audiences engage with your content. Celebrities can have millions of potential views from the Instagram community.