How much can you earn from Amazon KDP?

How much can writers potentially earn when using Amazon KDP publishing as opposed to traditional publishing, as well as the many perks of the process that come with KDP?

Writers have taken to avenues such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to create and self-publish their own range of content in the form of books.

Amazon KDP is one of the platforms writers are making use of to create their books and sell copies on Amazon and other platforms.

For writers considering also going the Amazon KDP route with their work, knowing how much they could potentially earn from it will help them determine if it is a venture worth going into and trying.

Moreover, you might discover that you enjoy the benefits that come with owning all the rights to your book.

Earning with Amazon KDP

Writers that are looking to self-publish their books might consider Amazon KDP for the venture.

Amazon KDP allows writers to self-publish their own books for free, and also affords them the benefit of owning all the rights to their works as opposed to other traditional publishing houses.

When a writer uses Amazon KDP, they are able to sell and earn with added benefits such as Amazon allowing you to keep more of your money and having a large reach with the Amazon Kindle store that has over 90 million Prime subscribers already in the United States alone.

How much can you earn from Amazon KDP?

The best part about using Amazon KDP is that once you have created your book, you are able to self-publish it and make yourself some money.

Amazon KDP is said to earn you high returns in the form of royalties. It is important to note, however, that royalties will be different for different types of books.

The biggest benefit to using Kindle Direct Publishing is that you get to keep more of the money you make, meaning that you are earning more money for yourself.

This is not the case with traditional publishing houses, as you do not get to keep as much of the money made from sales of copies.

eBook royalties can be up to 70 percent, and in the case where you publish an eBook and price it between $0.99 – $1.99, you can earn 35 percent royalties for each sale.

How low upfront costs make KDP profitable

When comparing traditional publishing and Kindle Direct Publishing, the upfront costs of publishing your books using KDP are much lower.

KDP does not require that writers have a significant budget to get the ball rolling on publishing their work.

The best perk about using KDP is that writers get to start and complete everything for free, especially if they are able to manage all aspects of the process themselves, including the writing, editing, cover creation and marketing.

Should a writer prefer to outsource some of the publishing business, it will still not cost much.

KDP and physical inventory

Another perk to using Kindle Direct Publishing for your business, is that there is no need to worry too much about physical inventory.

Kindle Publishing is all about Print on Demand (POD) when it comes to paperback publishing especially. Sellers won’t have to worry about shipping their physical inventory to Amazon’s warehouse or pay for storage.

With KDP publishing, eBooks are digitally downloadable files with no need for physical copies, while paperback books only require Amazon to print the books when there is an order for them. KDP is therefore helpful in saving on costs.

What are other benefits to KDP publishing?

Other benefits to KDP include you being able to run it from anywhere. All you would need is your laptop or PC, and an internet connection which can essentially be done from anywhere.

There are no visits to publishers, as writers are able to self-publish their own books. Another final perk is the quick process of using the KDP style of publishing.

In most cases, writers can have their books up and running for sale in just a few days and weeks. There are no waiting periods of up to months, as with traditional publishing.


Writers all over the world now have the great opportunity of being able to self-publish their own books using platforms such as Amazon KDP, which offers this for free.

Writers can also sell their work and earn higher royalties than they would with traditional publishing houses amongst other perks.

Writers that choose to go the KDP publishing route can find themselves earning up to 35 percent of royalties, and even 70 percent for their eBooks.

Earnings will obviously differ depending on the type of books writers publish, but earnings are still decent when compared to those received with traditional publishing houses.