How much do YouTube editors make?

There are a few factors about the person and the project that can influence how much a YouTube editor makes per project and in total.


YouTube editors often possess the skills and other elements that are necessary to edit content from various content creators. There are several factors that influence the amount YouTube editors make editing video content.

The importance of YouTube editors

YouTube editors are essentially the people responsible for condensing and contextualising the information in video content for the YouTube platform, in order to ensure that the content is presented in the best possible way before it is featured on a YouTube channel.

There are many reasons why YouTube content creators may outsource the editing of their videos to someone else. Hiring a YouTube editor may help content creators save time. Additionally, editors can utilise specialised skills and software that the content creator may not have.

How much do YouTube editors make?

YouTube editors are, therefore, skilled individuals who sell their services and their skills, knowledge, hardware, and software to content creators who either do not have the time or the skills to edit their videos professionally themselves.

How much a YouTube editor earns for these services varies according to a range of factors but, in general, YouTube editors can make anywhere between $35 000 and $135 000 per year.

On a smaller scale, this means that the going hourly rate for a YouTube editor is about $15 to $40 per hour. YouTube editors who charge per minute of finished work tend to have rates between $25 and $100 for every edited minute of footage.

YouTube editors’ rates are often determined on a person or project-specific basis. Their rates may also be calculated to ensure that the compensation is mutually fair to parties involved.

How the project influences what an editor makes

The scope of any given project will influence what a YouTube editor makes for that project.

For instance, large projects may require that a YouTube editor enters into a contract that stipulates a mutually agreed upon flat rate per month for the estimated time that the project will take to complete, instead of charging by the hour, which may be more profitable for the editor.

Alternatively, a YouTube editor may charge more for more complex projects. For instance, a highly professional and complex video that requires special effects may justify a higher rate than a simpler video that requires less specialised and time-consuming editing.

Other factors that influence what an editor makes

There are also other factors, additional to the scope of the project, that may influence how much a YouTube editor charges or how much they make.

Some of these factors and their influence on editor earnings are:

Factor Influence on earnings
More than five years of video editing experience YouTube editors with more experience can charge more for their services and often have a larger pool of content creators who want to work with them.
Working on projects in the United States YouTube editors tend to make more money if they work for content creators in the United States, as opposed to developing countries where their rates will have to be lower.
Working as a freelancer on sites such as Fiverr and Upwork Freelancers tend to have lower rates and make less unless they are established and well-known amongst content creators.
Working for a video editing agency Video editing agencies often have more clients and can charge higher rates, because of their higher turnover times for edited content.

Different ways that YouTube editors calculate their rates

Editors can also calculate their rates for specific projects differently, in order to ensure that they are being justly compensated for their work on every individual project, because there are so many different factors that determine how much a YouTube editor will make for each project.

Some of the most common ways YouTube editors calculate their rates are:

Calculation Explanation
Hourly rate Set amount for every hour of work
Per finished minute rate Set amount for every minute of edited content
Per project rate Set amount to complete the entire project
Flat rate Set amount for the expected timeframe of the project

Final thoughts

The services of YouTube editors are outsourced by YouTube content creators in order to ensure that they put out high-quality content for their viewers.

How much an editor makes from editing content differs depending on the scope of the project and many other factors and can be calculated differently for each project.