How much does a Twitch streamer make per sub?

How much can a Twitch streamer make for a subscription on their channel, what are Twitch Bits and who are the richest and most influential Twitch streaming creators?


Becoming a streamer for an online platform can make you money, especially if this is being performed on a well-known platform such as Twitch. A platform that will pay you for streaming video games as well as for covering the fast-growing competitive eSports industry which has also become very popular.

Twitch offers its streamers the opportunity to earn some revenue through the Twitch Affiliate Program, for as long as they are streaming on a regular basis and allowing streamers to make extra revenue from the sale of games and their in-game items. Twitch Affiliates will also earn big for the subscriptions they get.

Twitch streamer subs

Just like most of these online platforms where people are making money from growing their online communities and creating and sharing their content, Twitch also offers up earning rewards for the number of subscriptions that a Twitch streamer can grow. This way, they get to enjoy the perks of their hard work and engagement on their profiles.

The more a Twitch streamer can build up their audience and subscribers, the more they become highly desirable and eligible to become a Twitch Partner and benefitting from other perks that come with being a Twitch Partner, such as dedicated financial support and subscribers.

How much does a Twitch streamer make per sub?

The main goal of becoming a Twitch streamer is to ensure that they gain an audience, as one of the keys to making money relies heavily on how large your audience is, because they are the ones engaging in consuming your content. The more subscribers you gain, the more potential you have to make more money.

As a Twitch Partner, you get to keep 50 percent of the $4.99 per month cost that a subscriber pays to subscribe to your Twitch profile, while the other 50 percent is taken by Twitch.

For 100 subscriptions, a Twitch Partner could make $250. For 500 subscriptions, a streamer can look to earning up to $1 250. While 1 000 subscriptions could earn a streamer up to $2 500. Along with subs, a streamer can also receive some donations in the form of Bits, and one Bit equals one cent.

Who are some of the richest Twitch streamers?

Some of the richest Twitch streamers are earning themselves over $9 million from the platform. Of the 10 richest streamers, only two women make the list as the top two trailing behind by millions of dollars from the men.

The top five Twitch streamers include Critical Role earning over $9 million, xQc earning over $8 million, Summit1g earns $5 847 541.17, Tfue earns $5 295 582.44, while NICKMERCS sits at $5 096 642.12. Rated in tenth place is Lirik earning $2 984 653.70, which is still a relatively high and decent earning.

What are Twitch Bits?

While making money off subs is one way of making money from being a Twitch Partner, Twitch Bits are also a second stream of earning potential.

Bits are the smallest form of payment that streamers can earn from. Viewers purchase Bits, and when they buy a Bit they are essentially buying an animated GIF to use in chat rooms.

Twitch will then pay the streamer one cent for each bit that is used in their Twitch chatroom. Fans are said to spend close to $2 million on Bits within the first three months of the program.

Who are some of the top five Twitch influencers, and how many followers do they have?

Twitch influencers have managed to reach over millions of followers who are dedicated to their favourite respective streamers. Ninja has accumulated over 11 million followers to his streaming channel, followed by Shroud with over 4 million followers.

Summit1g ranks in at 3 320 489 followers, with Riot Games at 3 230 003 followers. TimTheTatman comes in at number five, with a following of 2 938 942 followers. All of these streamers have managed to rank up large audiences for their streaming channels.


Making money off of creating content for online platforms is one of the ways users are monetizing the time they spend on these various platforms, which seems to be working for some of the successful creators who have gained respective communities.

Twitch streamers are able to make a certain amount of money from the number of subscriptions they can get from the consumption and popularity of their streaming channels, with many able to reach over millions of subscribers and getting rich at the same time from the benefits of large audiences.