How much does Postmates pay per mile?

How much does the Postmates delivery service pay its delivery drivers for the accumulated miles they have travelled from one place to another, fulfilling delivery orders for customers?


Working for a delivery service can be very demanding, especially if business is going well and orders are coming in like wildfire. One of the major requirements of the job is travelling from place to place, delivering the items people have ordered in a certain amount of time.

With deliveries demanding that drivers do a lot of travelling, some delivery services like Postmates will pay drivers certain rates for the amount of miles they have travelled from one point to the next. This gives drivers a boost in terms of their earnings, as travel as gas is not cheap.

Miles travelled on Postmates

Fulfilling orders and having them delivered is going to demand a lot of travel for a Postmates delivery driver and delivery drivers in general. It can be good to know that your company will pay you for the amount of miles you have travelled in a day, and in the entire week.

Knowing that you can at least get something in return for the travelling involved in your job can make somewhat of a difference, as having to take care of gas expenses can be draining on the finances. According to Postmates, it pays drivers certain mileage rates.

How much does Postmates pay per mile?

Since Postmates drivers can expect to get a certain amount of money paid back to them for the miles they travel from place to place, this will help them in terms of contributions towards their gas expenses. Knowing that they have that helping hand gives them a little less to worry about, as it is something. Some delivery companies might not be as kind.

When it comes to Postmates however, the rate for miles travelled will also depend on some factors, largely the location and market of a driver’s operations. Additionally, it will also depend on how many miles between the different places they are travelling to.

In places such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, the rates per mile can range from $0.69 to $1.05. What would work to the advantage of a Postmates driver will be if the miles travelled are reasonably high.

How much can drivers expect to get paid for three miles travelled in major markets or locations?

Some of the major markets include New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco and Seattle.


The rate per mile in New York is at $1.05, if a delivery driver travels for three miles between places, they can expect to earn $3.15.


The rate in LA is $0.69, totalling $2.07 for three miles.

San Francisco

San Francisco’s rate per mile is $1.29, meaning three miles will earn a driver $3.87.


Seattle’s rate per mile is $0.93, meaning that the total earned for three miles will be $2.79.

How can a Postmates driver maximize their earnings?

Getting the most out of being a Postmates delivery driver will help you to better enjoy doing what you are doing. Finding ways to maximize your earnings, especially in terms of travel will make things more bearable for you as a driver.

Investing on a fuel-efficient vehicle will help you to reduce your fuel consumption and put your mileage earnings to good use, in a way that will not increase your spending on gas from those earnings. Drivers can look to getting a gas rewards credit card to also help with this.

What are some downsides to working for Postmates?

Working for Postmates will not be perfect, and drivers will be met with some disappointments and bumps along the way. This can include a driver having to travel many miles to fulfil a very small order for the amount of miles travelled, which can seem unfair on them. Waiting long periods for order pick-ups can also be a hassle for drivers.

Overall, working for Postmates will need you to work extra hard to make that extra cash that you need. If drivers have limited hours, their work earnings will be limited.


Working for a delivery service company will not be a walk in the park. Being a delivery driver will demand that you do a lot of travelling to different places, meaning that the potential gas expenses will be exacerbated by the miles you need to travel between different locations.

Working for a company that will consider that in some way, by offering rates for the miles travelled can help you to better handle your gas expenses, as your mileage earnings can help in this regard. Postmates is one of the delivery services that offers drivers rates on mileage.