How much money do you get per YouTube view?

How much a YouTuber earns per view of an ad on their video; can they earn from skipped ads, and how many ad views are needed to earn?


Making money online has become quite popular and the YouTube space is no different.

Many of YouTube’s content creators are making a decent living for themselves, some even extravagant, and this is because they have taken advantage of ways to monetise their YouTube channels to make a profit.

One way to make money on YouTube is through the number of views you can get on a YouTube video, which is how most creators are making money already.

So, one might wonder how much money you can make per video view, if there is potential for decent earnings. Well, keep reading to find out.

Getting paid per video view on YouTube

With views being one of the driving ways to making money on YouTube, many will be wondering how much a single video view on a YouTube video can earn you.

It is important to emphasise, however, that when we say video views, it is not in reference to how many people view your actual YouTube videos, but rather the number of views a video ad on your video gets.

This means that when an ad plays during your video, the number of clicks determines how much, or whether you get paid.

How much money do you get per YouTube view?

Online content creators have created a creator economy, of sorts, for themselves and others looking to turn their creativity into money.

YouTube is known as a space where content creators are earning lots of money through their channels, but it is not as easy as it may look.

Getting YouTube views on your videos is one way of making money, but this depends on the number of views you can get from viewers clicking on the ads that run in your video, and actually watch the ad.

Basically, ad views are what make you money. Per ad video view, you will be paid an average of $0.18.

This amount will differ depending on how much the advertiser pays the publisher; but the amounts can range between $0.10 to $0.30 per view. So essentially, viewers who watch ads make you money.

So, is it possible for a creator to make money if you skip ads?

You are probably wondering if a YouTuber still makes money if you decide to skip ads on their videos. Unfortunately, many people do not like ads popping up while they watch a video and will opt to skip the ad.

This does affect a YouTubers chance of making money, as advertisers do not count skipped ads. In most cases, they only count ads that have been watched to pay the creator.

If you skip an ad, know that the creator of the video will be losing out on making money.

How many views are needed to make money?

As a creator you will be earning money from the amount of clicks you manage to get from viewers watching the ads that play on your video.

The average YouTube channel can anticipate making about $18 for every 1 000 ad views they manage to get from viewers. This translates to between $3 to $5 per 1 000 video views.

This can be a difficult number of ad views to accumulate for one creator, so unless they are encouraging their viewers to watch ads, this will be a challenge.

Do creators get paid for likes or views?

The bulk of YouTube creators’ earnings mostly come from the payments they receive for the ad views their videos get and not necessarily the likes.

Creators just have to hope that their viewers are compelled to allow the ads to play in order for them to make money. There is no association between YouTube payments and likes or views.

Income from YouTube basically comes from the amount of ad clicks creators get on a video, meaning, the more people view ads the more money they could earn.

Final thoughts

YouTube has become a successful space for creators of different kinds to make money using the platform, using various monetisation methods. Some creators have made a good living from YouTube, and others are well on their way.

The number of views is known as a money-maker on the channel, but this is in relation to views accumulated from watched ads on a video, and not from watching the video itself. Creators can earn up to $0.18 per view of an ad, and $18 for every 1 000 views.