How much money do you make from YouTube?

How much money can you make on YouTube with ad views being the one driving factor of earning potential, and how do YouTubers get paid by the platform?


Content creators have taken to YouTube to find ways of making money while doing what they do best, which is entertaining their fans. The platform is known for being a money-making hub for the best content creators you will find on the site.

If you are a content creator yourself and are looking for an online space to showcase what you do or have as a creator, YouTube might be the right place for you to start monetizing your content.

If this is you, you will also need to know how much money you could make on YouTube.

Money you make from YouTube

Some of the biggest content creators and well-known personalities are making a lot money of from YouTube.

There is a range of ways to make money on the platform, but it will ultimately depend on what it is you are looking to showcase on the website and how well the YouTube audiences and, more specifically, your targeted audience, will respond to it.

It is also important to bear in mind that different factors will determine how much money you could make, such as your number of subscribers and the number of ad views your videos get.

How much money do you make from YouTube?

So, you have decided that you are going ahead and starting your YouTube channel as a content creator in the hopes that you will be able to make decent money from it.

You will firstly need to understand that the amount of money you make, will be dependent on what it is you choose to centre your channel around, and how you will do it.

You will have to build your audience to gain over 1 000 subscribers, and rely on ad views from your videos for revenue.

When it comes to ad views on your videos, you can make between $0.01 to $0.03 per view, this translates to between $3 and $5per 1 000 ad views. 1 million views will be approximately $5 000.

This is all possible once you have reached 1 000 subscribers, as this makes you eligible for monetizing your channel.

How to best make money on YouTube

There are certain things you need to take into consideration when it comes to how you can make money on YouTube. These can help you understand some best practices to generate an income.

Firstly, you need to find your specific niche as this will help you build a strong following, especially with popular niches that already have a huge market.

Posting consistently on a schedule, will also help you because your followers will know when to expect new content from you.

Finally, make sure you invest in  good gear to produce quality content.

Do YouTubers make money per subscriber gained?

With so much emphasis placed on having the right number of subscribers for your channel, one might think that you would at least make money from gaining subscribers.

This is, unfortunately, not the case as YouTube will not pay you for gaining subscribers but will only make you eligible for monetization once you reach 1 000.

Subscribers are an important factor when it comes to making money as they are the people who will engage with your channel the most. Gaining more subscribers would mean getting more ad views and making more money through that.

How do Youtubers get paid?

It is said that Youtubers make 50% of their annual earnings from ads. In order to get paid for the amount of ad views you get; you will need to set up an AdSense account to allow for monetization once you have created your channel.

Your ad views will accumulate, and YouTube will only pay you once you reach $100 in your AdSense account.

You can monetize your YouTube channel without a million subscribers, as earning potential is also determined by channel engagement, your niche, and other revenue channels you explore.

Final thoughts

Starting your YouTube journey will not be easy. It is going to require that you to put in as much effort as possible for you to even have the potential to begin earning money. Many YouTube creators have worked hard to grow on the platform and earn.

A YouTuber will earn money mostly from ad views generated through their videos, which can range from $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view.

YouTube will only start paying a YouTuber once they reach $100 in their AdSense account. Other revenue streams can make you money but ad views drive YouTube earnings.