How much storage is needed for gaming?

Storage space can determine how many games one can install, as 500GB is recommended for a few small-sized games, but 2 TB is recommended for triple A titles.

The storage capacity of a gaming laptop or personal computer (PC) will determine how many games and applications one can have installed at the same time. If the user has insufficient storage space, they will only be able to install a few games before running out of storage space.

It is important to know how much storage space one requires for gaming purposes, as a game might crash at a critical moment due to a lack of disk space. 500 Gigabytes (GB) is the recommended amount of disk space to start with for a gaming enthusiast. It can be the best option for a player with a small budget, or for a casual gamer. If the user does not have a huge streaming library for storage, and plays only a few small-size games, 500 GB can be enough.

However, if the user is planning to install multiple triple A title games, they will need at least one Terabyte (TB) of data storage space. Many popular triple A titles, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, require more than 50 GB storage space. The one TB would quickly run out of space when a number of large games are installed, so most users would rather choose a 2 TB disk, as they can play the latest games while holding on to some old games.

3 TB of storage appeals to the high-end gamer who likes to create a large collection. This is perfect for game lovers who want to store games and play the latest versions. A user may have a 3 TB disk in case they do not plan on updating their PC for a while.

As such, a gamer has to consider the amount of space their drive has, along with the amount of time that they are spending before their PC, as this can indicate how many games they can install, as well as whether they have to remove files or not.