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How people earn a living through Instagram

How people earn a living through Instagram

As easy it may look on pictures, being an Instagram influencer takes up most of your time but a lot of people earn a living out of it.

Wanting to be an influencer of fashion myself, I had no idea how much work went into being a social media influencer, especially on Instagram.

Everyone wants to know how to make money on Instagram, so I did my own research on how to be a successful influencer and also generate a living for myself.

Please take note of the following if you’re interested in being an influencer:

Working as an influencer means you constantly need to post content sponsored by brands, for example, wearing a Springbok jersey and captioning it by, perhaps, recapping an iconic try by a certain player in a match the team won. This could be done to build up excitement for an upcoming match. Be an affiliate marketer. This means that you sell other people’s products. Influencers such as Sarah Langa Mackay and Kefiloe Mabote are always dressed in the latest designer labels and usually tag them on posts. I found out that they are affiliate marketers for the brands and get paid per post.

Influencers who are still starting out usually promote events such as the Metro FM Heatwave and Riky Rick’s Cotton Fest. I’ve found that these micro-influencers are popular on Twitter and really excel at marketing events, which is evident in the engagement they receive on posts and ticket sales for the events.