How Snapchat Ads work

How businesses can make use of Snapchat Ads, what the different ad formats are for advertising on the platform, as well as how to create the perfect Snapchat Ad.


The best move businesses can make for themselves these days is to look into advertising on all popular social media platforms, as this is one of the best ways to get ads out to large numbers of people and different audiences, making it easier for businesses to get discovered.

It is important to understand how to advertise on a particular social media site, as not all of them work in the same way, meaning that ads will be different across social media platforms.

If you are looking to advertise on Snapchat, knowing how the platforms ads work will help.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is a camera and multimedia messaging app that connects people with friends, family and other users through images and videos.

Snapchat makes it easy to create and manage ads, and users and businesses can make use of the platform’s self-service advertising platform, the Ads Manager.

Through the Ads Manager, one can create their ads, and do other things such as launch their ad campaigns, monitor the performance of their ad and optimise it to be able to reach the goal all in one place.

This is what businesses can use to their advantage for successful advertising.

How Snapchat Ads work

In order to successfully run an ad on Snapchat, businesses would need to have public profiles revolving around everything to do with their business.

This will allow audiences to look into the public profile and gather information on the business when they come across the ad while using Snapchat.

Using the Ads Manager, businesses can create their ads at a certain amount that needs to be paid per day.

Making use of Snapchat ads will also mean you will have access to large audiences that spend their time on the app. Snapchat ads are a 10-second full screen vertical video that will appear in between people watching their friends stories.

Businesses can set up their ad so that users can swipe up to link them to the ad or be redirected to the business page when the ad appears in between them watching people’s stories.

What are the different types of Snapchat Ads businesses can use?

The Snapchat platform will have different ad formats tailored to different types of businesses, depending on their size.

Different formats will be more tailored to different business goals and objectives that a certain business is trying to reach and achieve. This could be trying to reach certain targets in terms of sales and downloads.

Some Snapchat Ad formats include single image or video, collection ads, story ads, lenses, filters, commercials and dynamic ads. Each of these will suit particular types of businesses, depending on what a business wants to achieve.

How to create a Snapchat Ad

In order to create an ad, you would need to have a Snapchat account so you can head over to Snapchat’s Ad Manager.

Once there, navigate to the upper-left hand corner to select “Create Ads.”

This will let you choose how you want to create your ad, using the “Instant Create” or “Advanced Create” option.

From there, you would need to choose an objective for your ad based on what you want Snapchatters to do when they come across your ad.

You need to name your campaign, choose its duration period and publish it.

What are some tips for creating your ad?

To drive a successful ad campaign, there are certain tips you can take on.

Using retargeting ads which is when you serve an audience another ad based on their interaction on a previous ad. Snapchat calls this Ad Engagement Audiences.

It is not recommended to re-use Instagram Story content for your Snapchat Ad, and to ensure that you are consistent with your content by spreading out your advertising budget if it is limited.

It is also good to make your ads feel natural and not like a sales pitch through being fun.


Businesses taking advantage of Snapchat and other social media platforms for their advertising is significantly working in their favour, as it gives them easy access to large audiences of people who are actively engaged in these social media platforms on a daily basis.

The key to successful advertising on social media platforms does, however, lie in understanding how the platforms work and how its audiences use their respective apps.

Knowing how to advertise on Snapchat can mean a successful ad campaign if it is done right, following the right steps and available tips.