How Snapchat Scores work

How do Snapchat Scores work, how can users increase their score, is there any significance to increasing your Snapchat Score, and how high can users increase their Scores?


Snapchat has a cool feature that allows its users to get scored for how they are using the platform. There are various ways to increase your score and this encourages users to become more active on the app, in order to accumulate more scoring points.

For Snapchat users, some might be wondering how the scoring system works for the app. They might also be wondering how they can make use of theirs in order to understand what it is all about and compare their scores with those of others, as well as increasing their points.

What is Snapchat Score?

For Snapchat users all over the world who are curious to know what their Snapchat Score is, it is a score that is determined by a super-secret special equation that calculates together the number of snaps a user has sent and received, the number of stories they have posted and some other features.

That is about it when it comes to getting an explanation on what the snapchat score is all about, as Snapchat is not really forthcoming about how the score feature intricately works, but nonetheless, Snapchat users are still making use of their scores.

How Snapchat Scores work

Because your Snapchat Score is an indication of how active you are as a user, it will be used for anything and the exciting part will come in when you need to keep increasing it to appear as a very busy user.

Although Snapchat has not really shared all there possibly is to know about the Snapchat Score feature, Snapchatters need to know that their scores are determined by how many snaps you send out and receive from others, how many stories you have posted and viewed, how many discover the videos you have watched, as well as how many friends you have.

Bonus points might also be rewarded when you send snaps to different people at the same time, and for keeping up with Snapchat Streaks by sending out snaps to your friends every day. Other than these, Snapchat is yet to clarify how Snap Score works.

Is there any significance to wanting to raise your Snapchat Score?

Now some people might be thinking what the whole point is to your Snapchat Score, and whether it is worth it to even care to increase it.

Unfortunately, there is no real significance to taking your Snapchat Score seriously and working to improve it.

Some have argued that it would have been nice if Snapchat worked to get people serious about their scores by implementing incentives, for instance if they were to stand the chance of benefiting in some ways, such as getting paid for reaching a certain score or handing out perks for opportunities to earn.

What happens when your score is not increasing?

Now it can be possible to find that you are very busy on the app doing everything you need to increase your score, only to find that it does not seem to be increasing when it should be.

There could be some reasons why this is happening, including the app needing to get updated to the most recent version to enable it to perform at its optimum.

You might also need to wait a few hours as there might be a glitch, so the best option in this case is to restart your phone and check again in the morning.

How high can your Snapchat Score go?

There are no exact figures that stipulate how high your Snapchat Score can go, but some users have already scored in the hundreds of thousands, indicating that they are really making use of the score feature.

Some people really just enjoy using the app and participating in increasing their scores, even though there is no significance to it at all.

Some might argue that there is really no point to wasting your time on a scoring feature that will not do anything for you, but for others this is not a problem.


The Snapchat Scoring system offers users the chance to keep active on the app by making use of all of its features to be able to gain points to increase their Snapchat Scores and reflect how dedicated they are to the app and increasing their score for their profiles.

When it comes to how the Snapchat Score feature works, there are only a few factors Snapchat has shared about what increases the scores. These include the sharing and receiving of snaps, posting of stories and viewing of stories. Basically, the more active you are the higher you are scoring.