How Snapchat Streaks work

What is the Snapchat Streaks tool, and how does it work as well as how can one see if they have engaged in a Snapchat Streak?


The popularity of the Snapchat social media platform amongst the younger generation has allowed them to play around with multimedia and share it with friends who follow them. A lot of the communication on the app happens in the form of Snaps and also normal messaging.

Snaps have to be the most important Snapchat feature and what makes the platform what it is. Users are able to create Snaps of themselves and post them for others to see, as well as send them as messages to their Snapchat friends and this exchange is called Streaks.

Snapchat Streaks

Users of Snapchat have access to different features on their apps that allow them to have fun creating Snaps that they can share as part of their Snapchat stories, as well as send them as messages to their Snapchat friends.

Snapchat Streaks are when Snapchatters are basically communicating with each other in the form of Snaps, that they have been sending to each other for more than one day.

It can be easy to assume that this is probably a very fun way of communicating back and forth with someone over a long period of time, creating a Streak.

How Snapchat Streaks work

Basically, in order to create a Snapchat Streak, two Snapchatters will need to send each other an exchange of Snaps for more than one day.

The Streak is created when the conversation revolves mainly around Snaps and it basically counts how many times two people have been sending Snaps to each other back and forth, without breaking the chain of communication.

The number of consecutive days they are sending Snaps to each other is also counted.

With Snapchat being a multimedia messaging app, Snapchat Streaks make the messaging experience more interesting by allowing video Snaps to be exchanged between two people rather than just text, photos and videos.

Snaps also make messaging interesting as they only appear and remain in a message for a certain amount of time. When users have a Streak, it will show next to their name as a fire emoji.

Who else can see your Streaks?

Since your participation in a Streak will reflect next to your name, some might wonder if that means other users can see that you are engaged in a streak.

However, this is not the case. Only you and the friends you are engaging in a streak with can see that you have a Streak.

Both you and your Snapchat friend are able to see that you are both within a Streak conversation, as well as how many days it has been going on for.

Young people and their interest in Streaks

It is no surprise that Snapchat Streaks are seemingly more popular with the younger people, as they are drawn to the nature of conversation that happens when exchanging snaps with another person.

Streaks are a fun way of communicating, and are more appealing to younger people. Streaks are said to give users a sense of competition and friendship, and can indicate the kind of friendships people have with their friends on the app.

The fact that Streaks are solely based on messaging in the form of Snaps and not text appeals to youngsters.

Tips for guardians with young people using Snapchat and Streaks

The use of social media by the younger generation can be concerning, especially when it comes to the safety of children and young teens.

Parents with children who consume and use platforms such as Snapchat need to ensure that they are aware of their children’s activities.

Looking into the safety features of Snapchat can help to give you a sense of peace, knowing that you have protected your child from potential harm. Actively monitoring children’s social activity can also be effective in keeping them safe.


The Snapchat platform is widely popular for the different ways that it allows for users to communicate and share content with each other.

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging platform where people get to exchange messages in the form of texts, photos and Snaps, making conversations more fun and interesting.

Users are also able to communicate in the form of Snaps alone. Sending Snaps to each other creates a Streak if Snaps are sent over some days and offers a fun and unconventional way of communicating with another Snapchat friend.

This is why Snapchat Streaks are very popular, especially amongst the younger generation.