How to advertise on Pinterest for Etsy

How to effectively advertise on Pinterest for your Etsy business by pinning and creating boards like a master, and through engaging with the Pinterest community for your business.


If you are an Etsy shop owner, you will need to rely on multiple channels to advertise your Etsy store, as the main goal will be to drive as much traffic as you possibly can to your Etsy store in order to achieve your sales goals and make money.

Pinterest has some great features that allow you to advertise in a fun way and take advantage of the huge Pinterest community that you can target as your market.

You will need to know how to properly advertise on Pinterest in order to make it worth your while and increase sales.

Advertising on Pinterest for Etsy

Pinterest is a fantastic advertising space for anything that needs to be advertised. If you are a creator looking to showcase your content, or a business owner with an Etsy store in this case, Pinterest will be a great tool for meeting some of your advertising needs.

A platform like Pinterest will expose your Etsy business to a large community, and a portion of that will make your Etsy business market.

As an Etsy business owner, knowing how to advertise on Pinterest can work in the favour of your business’s growth and exposure.

How to advertise on Pinterest for Etsy

Pinterest has features that can be used by anyone for whatever they want to publish on the platform for discovery by other users.

It is a highly effective platform for one’s Etsy business to get discovered, and for inspiring users to support and purchase your store listings. In order to fully make use of Pinterest and its services for your business, you will need to have a Pinterest business account.

From there you can get started by creating your pins and adding them to different boards to showcase your Etsy shop and what it has to offer.

You will need to establish a routine of how you will pin to your boards, and how often you will do this. It is always a good idea to open yourself up to learning from other pinners and the pins they are putting up.

Pinning and creating boards to advertise your Etsy business

Pinning and creating boards is how you will give your Pinterest audience a sense of what your Etsy business is all about, and how you will locate and reach your niche market.

You can get creative and come up with different categories for each of your boards, where you will add a bunch of pins of your products.

You will need to give each board a name, an enticing description will draw users in, making them want to click and buy, and a compelling cover pin that visually tells what a board contains.

How does being an engaged user help with advertising?

In order to get your pins circulating on Pinterest and get users to re-pin them, you will need to be as active as possible; frequently adding pins to your boards so that more re-pinning can take place.

It is also wise to follow and engage with other users and their content. You can follow others, re-pin their pins, and comment on those that are inspiring and relevant to your Etsy shop.

You need not be shy to be active and expressive on Pinterest, building community in this way can work in your Etsy business’s favour.

How to pin like a master for effective advertising

It is important to build up a routine, clearly outlining how frequently you are going to be pinning to your boards, as this will give users a sense of how serious you are to push your Etsy business.

Pinning a couple of times in the day can be effective. Pins do not always necessarily have to be centred around your products or services, but can cover different elements of your business, and even tell its story.

Include information about yourself as the owner, as well as what represents your shop and inspires you, by incorporating pins from others.

Final thoughts

Running a business of any sort, whether online or physical, will require getting the word out that it exists and has something to offer a certain market. Advertising can be done in many different ways, but online has become a key driver of advertising.

Pinterest is one of the spaces for people with online businesses such as Etsy stores to advertise on. It offers features that allow for fun and creative ways of advertising through creating pins and boards.

It allows opportunities for engaging with other users with similar content related to your business by re-pinning their content and building community.