How to be like Loren Gray

How can a fan of TikTok and YouTube sensation, Loren Gray be like their favourite star by following her beauty secrets, to knowing how to install hair extensions?


With the rise of social media sensations, almost everyone who consumes the different social media platforms has one or more favourite social media stars.

TikTok and YouTube are popular platforms known for producing the biggest stars who gain popularity for their content. TikToker, Loren Gray is one of them.

Loren Gray

For those who might not know her, Loren Gray is both a TikTok and YouTube star, as well as a singer signed to Virgin and Capitol Records. With a following of over 52 million on TikTok, like any other star, followers will want to be just like her.

How to be like Loren Gray

With the consumption of your favourite star and their content, oftentimes, people will find themselves wanting to be like or similar to their favourite person.

When it comes to Loren Gray, followers might want to emulate her through the things that she does and is most famous for, such as her beauty tips and tricks, or by aspiring to sing just like her.

How to be like Loren Gray through skincare

One could either adopt or try Loren’s complete skincare regimen. They could do this by applying Loren’s favourite facemask by LOUM on problem areas, followed by using Peter Thomas Roth’s hyaluronic acid serum with a Jade roller, then applying a Pond’s moisturizer.

How to be like Loren Gray using makeup

To feel like Loren Gray, purchasing some of the makeup she uses can give you that confidence. Some of the makeup brands Loren is drawn to include Dior, NARS, Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Brow Wiz and finally Makeup by Mario.

How to install hair extensions like Loren Gray

Previously, Loren had not mastered the technique of installing her own hair extensions but confirms that her hairstylist has taught her that the key to having perfectly blended hair is through sectioning it from the bottom half, braiding and pinning it underneath.


Having a favourite internet star can be exciting, as you get to follow everything about them, from their content to their basic ordinary lives.

Being like Loren Gray would not be a hard task to follow, as she is someone who is always open to sharing her tips with fans.