How to become a Pinterest VA

How people can become Pinterest Virtual Assistants and where they can look for these jobs, as well as the kind of skills that they may need to possess.


One of the ways people have begun to look into making more money for themselves is through assisting others to push their different ventures forward and to become more successful by offering the support and help they need to ensure their businesses and other projects thrive in success.

Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is one of the ways people are helping different businesses, bloggers and brands to do and perform better by helping them increase their online presence on the Pinterest platform. Those who are looking to become Pinterest Virtual Assistants will need to know how to make this possible.

Pinterest Virtual Assistants

What a Pinterest Virtual Assistant actually does is offer up support to businesses, bloggers and brands and anyone looking to make a name for themselves on the platform, and in return making money from it.

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant will assist these clients with different methods of helping them gain a presence on the Pinterest platform.

This can vary and include helping their respective clients increase their Pinterest presence, which will ultimately lead to an increase in followers, leading to an increase in the traffic this will generate to respective pages and eventually increased sales.

How to become a Pinterest VA

With the possibility of making money from helping others on Pinterest, people will be curious as to how they can get in on the action and become a Virtual Assistant, as well as what it takes and how much money this could earn them.

The key is to find out where to look for Pinterest Virtual Assistant jobs and fortunately, there are a few places interested parties can start looking into.

Looking at your immediate Pinterest network is the best place to begin searching for assistant jobs. Another option would be to explore, using social media to your advantage, by also working on creating your own presence on platforms but particularly Pinterest.

Finding jobs through referrals can also be one of the best ways of getting jobs, as well as through localized marketing and in-person networking with business owners in your local communities.

What skills do you need to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

To be trusted by businesses and brands looking to hire virtual assistants, a few basic skills will need to be possessed. Skills include knowing how to navigate working online such as emailing skills.

Virtual assistant jobs might also require you to use different programs such as Canva to design pins and Tailwind to schedule pins.

Knowing how to communicate through emails will help, as this is how interaction with clients will be taking place. Being a self-starter, knowing how to manage time and a problem-solver will also work for you.

How much money can a Pinterest Virtual Assistant make?

When it comes to making money, you will need to be smart about how you are going to charge for your services as a virtual assistant. The great part is that you will set your own prices.

One of the options you can use is to charge by packages and the amount of time it takes to do the tasks in each package.

Charging by the hour can work best with packages, with beginners charging from $15 – $20 an hour. While experienced persons can charge much more for their expertise.

Why would businesses need Pinterest Virtual Assistants?

Pinterest has established itself as one of the best sites to go to for know-how learning, creativity, inspiration and tutorials all for the purpose of marketing.

The platform has managed to attract a user base of over 150 million, making it a great place for exposure which is exactly what businesses need.

The platform can however be very time-consuming, making it difficult for businesses just starting out to figure things out by themselves. This is where virtual assistants come in to help with getting their clients businesses and brands in the Pinterest spotlight.


Pinterest has become one of the top platforms for advertising and marketing for people, business and brands looking to make an impact of any sort. The platform and its demands has seen many businesses turn to Pinterest Virtual Assistants to help them establish a strong presence on the platform.

Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant will require interested people to know where to look to find virtual assistant jobs including networking, and will require people who have a knack for working online with skills such as emailing and using design programs for creating pins and scheduling pins amongst many others.