How to become a wholesaler on Poshmark

How can you become a Poshmark wholesaler, what are the requirements for getting certification to purchase wholesale and how do you list your items in your new boutique?


If you are looking to start a new business as a side hustle or as a new venture full-time, buying inventory from wholesalers might be your best bet at opening your business.

Purchasing from wholesalers allows you to buy items in bigger quantities for you to sell to customers.

Poshmark offers a wholesale market filled with lots of different merchandise for you to purchase and sell when you open a boutique store.

Moreover, starting a boutique store on Poshmark can help you get started as a wholesaler and with its perks, can be a great place for boutique beginners.

Wholesaling on Poshmark

Whether you are looking to get into selling wholesale items as something you do on the side for passive income, or you want to get into it full-time, Poshmark can be a great place to move forward with this endeavour.

Poshmark offers sellers a wholesale market where they can go and source all of their inventory, having loads to offer in merchandise from over 200 up-and-coming and already known brands.

Potential sellers can also stock up on inventory and be well on their way to opening their boutique stores, while making themselves some money from all their sales.

How to become a wholesaler on Poshmark

So, you have decided that you want to go ahead and begin your wholesale business and open your boutique with Poshmark.

It is going to be important to note that it may not be as simple as visiting Poshmark and purchasing your inventory to start immediately, but you are going to have to meet the Poshmark criteria to qualify first.

Not everyone can purchase wholesale directly on Poshmark, as you need to be able to purchase items wholesale on the app first. First, you need to attain wholesale certification and must meet the criteria before you can sell.

Secondly, criteria will need you to have made 10 successful sales already, and you need to have an average rating of 4.5.

Once you have met the criteria for certification, you will be granted access to purchase wholesale, and then you can list your boutique items to begin.

How do you list your boutique items?

Boutique items will be listed in the same way as non-boutique items. As soon as you get the items, you need to list them in your closet by tagging them as “boutique” in the listing details.

The listings also need to have been purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor. On top of that, they need to be new, which means that it should be the first time that they are being sold to the public.

You must also make sure that you include your own original photography of the items, because product photography can make or break your store, so having nice pictures will attract customers.

What items are sold in the market and what is a pack?

The wholesale market on Poshmark has a wide range of categories to choose from, including clothing for women, men, kids and plus size individuals. Items also include things such as denims to jewellery.

So basically, you can find almost anything you might be looking for. Inventory is also sold in multi-item packs in various sizes and colours, so listing your items in your boutique means being able to set your own prices.

Essentially, if you buy a pack of five sunglasses for $50 ($10 each), you can sell them for $20 each.

What are some tips for wholesaling on Poshmark?

It is always best to start with the least expensive items so that you can test the waters first and see if you make sales.

When you use the app to purchase, you will want to search for the newest items that have become available to sell before other boutiques become swamped with new stock. Saving money will be the key to purchasing without any worry.

So, make sure you are prepared and have the funds to purchase wholesale items, and finally look into other avenues of purchasing wholesale at a later stage.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an online boutique owner with Poshmark is simple. You can venture into purchasing wholesale items to sell from your boutique, either as a way of making a passive income or as a full-time business.

This is why Poshmark offers you a platform to open a boutique and shop wholesale items.

To become a wholesaler on Poshmark, you will need to meet a certain criteria first to get the certification you need to gain access to Poshmark’s wholesale market and purchase items to sell in you boutique.

Finally, when you haven gotten started, you must ensure that you list your items in your boutique with good product photography, to attract buyers.