How to break an addiction

Addictions alter your lifestyle and control your overall experience of life.

The Oxford English dictionary describes addiction as: “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity”. This word is synonymous with dependency.

Your overall well-being becomes dependent on your addictions. Your addictions take lead and control of your life whilst you surrender to all its needs and desires. Essentially, you become a prisoner in your own body. Common addictions include dependency on drugs, alcohol, nicotine and pornography.

In order to overcome your addiction, you first have to realise that you have one. You cannot begin to solve a problem which you fail to acknowledge. There are certain behavioural changes which occur when addiction takes over. This includes loss of control, and poor performance. If your addictions start to have a negative impact on your relationships, finances, health and wellness, you have a serious problem.

Once you have fully acknowledged your addictions, make the decision to overcome them. Change begins with you. Change requires commitment and sacrifice. You will need to change your attitude to align with your decision to break bad habits. Change in attitude will manifest in your behaviour. You are unlikely to overcome your addictions without your willingness and commitment to change. The decision to change has to come from you.

It is challenging and difficult to successfully overcome addictions. Once you have acknowledged your problem and taken the decision to change, engage in activities which deviate from your addictions. The worst case scenario of substance abuse and addiction is death. Safe your life today and seek professional help.