How to break up with someone you live with

In general, break ups are just not easy. No matter how many times you get into a relationship, you can never get used to them.

It can be a lot more difficult if you are breaking up with someone you share a home with.

Here are strategies that can help you

Confide in someone

Talking helps and it will only make you to see things clearly once you confide in someone you trust. If there is someone you know who has had a similar experience, this can even be better. They will let you know  how they handled things. They might have made mistakes in the process and you can avoid them.

Set up a time

Let your partner now that you want the both of you to talk at a certain time. This is someone you live with, so it’s a good idea that you don’t just say that you are breaking up with them randomly. That will come out mean and it will hurt them even more. McCann suggest that, mentally preparing your partner will help them digest your message once you give it to them.

Be gentle

How you say things can have an impact on how the other party takes it. It’s the tone and the words that you use. We suggest being gentle when you deliver the news. This does not mean you should beat around the bush but rather be confident. Do not blame them but rather talk about things.


After what has happened, you should give each other some space. Talk about who will go to a friend’s or family member for a while. Staying in the same space will cause a lot of tension.

Way forward

Communicate the necessary steps that you both need to take. You have a home together, so it’s the first thing that you should focus on.