How to calm down when angry

Four healthy ways to overcome anger.

We all experience feelings of anger time and again. Anger is a natural and healthy feeling that every human experiences. We are faced with life’s situations which propel us to express anger. The inability to calm down from an angry situation is not good for our health and well-being. Although calming yourself down may not be easy in the heat of the moment, you could adopt a few healthy strategies to help you deal with anger.

Take the time out

It is important that you take time to breathe when you are triggered. According to Healthline, an online platform which focuses on overall health matters, breathing is the number one and most effective technique for reducing anger and anxiety quickly. Removing yourself from the situation will help you feel at ease because when you’re anxious or angry, you tend to take quick and shallow breaths. Dehorty says that this sends a message to your brain, causing a positive feedback loop reinforcing your fight-or-flight response.

Release the anger

Anger, like any other emotion, demands to be felt. Allow yourself to feel the anger so you could release it. You could either scream or take a walk, go for a run, or go to the gym. Release your anger by transferring it to something productive such as writing, singing or painting.

Shift your perspective

In order to successfully overcome your anger, change your focus and shift from an angry situation. This means not thinking too much about your anger and your triggers. Change your perspective from the unpleasant experience. You could perhaps read an interesting book.

Write down your experience

Similar to taking, writing allows you to fully express how you feel. When we express how we feel, the emotional burden becomes lesser and we are able to calm down. Write down all your thoughts and the way that the situation has impacted you. This is another form of therapy.