How to change your age on Discord

Changing your age on Discord cannot be done manually, as it requires the user to submit a request form with proof of identification and Discord tag.

Discord is one of the most used instant messaging and distribution community platforms currently. It sets itself apart from other popular social media platforms by asserting that it “isn’t a social media platform. There is no algorithm deciding what you should see, no endless scrolling, no news feed, no counting likes, no going viral.”

Additionally, “Instead, Discord is a place where everyone can be themselves and spend time with other people who share their interests and hobbies. Conversations on Discord are driven only by the people you choose and the topics you pick.” It is possible, due to this fact, that some of the communities available on the platform are age restricted and require the user to be over 18 years old.

Therefore, if you have entered the wrong age or are seeking to change your age, it is not as simple as changing it manually, as it would be on most of the other popular social media platforms. On Discord, the process is handled by the company in order to ensure the safety and protection of users. Therefore, in order to change your age on Discord, you are required to submit a request form with additional proof of identity.

In filling in the form, you are required to state the reason for the need to change the age, between Trust & Safety or Age Update. Thereafter, you are required to follow the prompts in filling in the rest of the details. You are then required to submit an image of yourself holding up your identification and your Discord tag. The final step is submitting the form and waiting upon Discord to make the changes. It is important to ensure that this is done correctly or your details may not be changed.