How to fall back in love

Love is something that has no right or wrong way of going about it. When you have fallen out of love, it’s not easy to fall back.

That does not mean it’s impossible though.

There are different phases of a relationship. For instance, when you get into a relationship it’s all about the honeymoon phase. This is where you two are madly in love and are getting to know one another.

Be kind to your partner

Sometimes you just have to do the simplest things to rekindle the love you used to have with your partner. Don’t do something just because you’re under pressure, but do it because you want to make things better. When you do it willingly you do it the right way. If you are expressing yourself, say it in a kind manner. When you do so, this will make your partner  be sensible in that moment. Communication works when you are both willing to respect each other and work on the relationship.

Think about the things you love about your partner

We dwell onto things that are negative so much that we forget about the good that’s right in front of us. No one is perfect and things will not always go according to  plan. Think about the qualities you admire about that person. Think about the things they do that make you happy. It can be, “I love how my husband always supports me even though he doesn’t understand what my plan is at that moment”.

Get out of your comfort zone

Routines can be exhausting and you find that there is no adventure anymore. When you start dating someone, you are both always on the edge. It can be with travelling and seeing the world or something as simple as going hiking, bike riding or anything that you’re both experiencing together. When you’ve been together for a while, you can get into a routine and things become predictable and boring.