How to find the most viewed Shorts on YouTube

How users can find the most viewed YouTube Shorts, and how you can use the Most Viewed tool to help boost your Shorts, for both big and small creators.


With the rise of social media platforms and online content creation spaces that allow users to create short-form video content, other online spaces such as YouTube have followed suit and introduced their own short-form video content creation tools. YouTube Shorts allows creators to create videos up to 60 seconds long.

Since its introduction, a lot of creators have jumped on and started creating their own YouTube Shorts along with their usual longer videos.

Shorts have created somewhat of a buzz in the YouTube space, with lots of Shorts going viral. Which begs the question, where can one find the most viewed YouTube Shorts?

Most viewed Shorts

As with any other short-form online video creation space, YouTube Shorts have become a big deal with many creators hopping onto the new tool to create their own Shorts.

As with TikTok, which works in a similar fashion and was probably the inspiration for YouTube to introduce Shorts in the first place, seeing as this was their competition, YouTube Shorts also need to get a lot of views in order to go viral.

Some creators already have made it onto the list of most viewed YouTube Shorts, but how does one discover the most viewed Shorts so far.

How to find the most viewed YouTube Shorts?

To discover some of the most viewed YouTube Shorts so far, you need to know where to find them.

To discover some of the most viewed YouTube Shorts, you will need to make use of the YouTube app and try to find them in a number of ways.

You can look for Shorts on the homepage under the Shorts section, in the subscriptions feed, by typing “Most viewed YouTube Shorts” in the Search tab.

You can also type #shorts in the YouTube search bar or in the dedicated Shorts tab next to the home tab at the bottom of the app.

These methods will expose you to a whole range of Shorts, but should you be looking for the most viewed ones, simply searching for them by mentioning “Most viewed YouTube Shorts” should lead you to some of the most viral.

How to use the Most Viewed Videos tool and what it gets you

There is a tool that YouTube creators can use to increase their Shorts views. This tool will get you a search bar for researching various Shorts topics, a Short feature that shows results as total views, views per hour, together with engagement.

Furthermore, it also shows a date range showing results over certain periods and days, and lots of search filters such as a channels subscriber size, the number of views per hour, searching videos across 22 genres, searching videos in different countries and so much more. This will help increase views.

How to get more YouTube Shorts views as a small creator

Having less than 1 000 subscribers on your channel does not mean that you cannot get a lot of views on your Shorts. This can be done by viewers looking to discover Shorts from small creators.

You can still get views and get discovered by opting to set the country filter to “Any”, to get more views.

After typing #shorts in the search bar, tap the spacebar to add your YouTube channels niche and then set the channel filter to up to 1k subscribers. These adjustments help smaller channels with views.

How to get more Shorts views in general 

To attract more viewers to your YouTube Shorts videos, you need to make your Shorts thumbnails as appealing as possible.

Thumbnails are one of the first things people see on YouTube videos as well as Shorts, so they need to spark a viewer’s curiosity. You can also add Shorts into a Featured Section to be recommended to audiences across the platform.

Additionally, you can optimize your Shorts ensuring that your title is self-explanatory but also impulsive and intriguing.

Lastly, your Shorts description should be detailed including relevant information the theme, nature and the genre of your specific Shorts video

Final Thoughts

YouTube Shorts have become a popular tool used by YouTube content creators and works similarly to TikTok by allowing users to create fun and engaging Shorts.

As with regular YouTube long videos, creators need to gain views on their Shorts in order for their channels to go viral.

Some creators have managed to go viral with their Shorts, making it as some of the Most Viewed Shorts. Finding the most viewed Shorts is simple, and just requires you to search for Most viewed Shorts on YouTube.

If this is something that you’re interested in, there are a few ways for you to boost your YouTube Shorts views.