How to get an animated avatar on Discord

How to get an animated avatar using Discord Nitro, subscribing to one of two plans, and how to get Discord Nitro and the benefits of it.


One of the cool features of a Discord Server is setting up your profile to be interesting and attractive. You get to choose a unique username and profile picture or, in this case, an avatar for your profile by which users can identify you.

An additional feature that Discord offers when it comes to one’s avatar, is the option to have an animated avatar instead of just a still picture. Only certain users can make their avatars animated, but many users will be curious to know how they, too, can get an animated Discord avatar.

Animated avatars on Discord

Some apps and sites now allow you to have an animated avatar as your profile picture instead of the regular still picture. Having a Discord account allows you to have an animated avatar for your profile too, but on certain conditions.

Not every user will have access to animated avatar features on Discord. Users who want an animated avatar should know the conditions of getting one for their Discord profiles.

How to get an animated avatar on Discord

As previously mentioned above, there is a certain condition for having access to the animated avatar feature. An animated avatar is a Graphic Interchange Format (GIF), which is a file that has multiple frames or images that are played in a specific order to represent animation.

Discord users who get easy access to animated avatars are Discord Nitro and Discord Partner users. Nitro is typically the go-to way to get animated avatars but it comes at a fee, which you will have to be willing to pay.

You need to subscribe to Discord Nitro which grants you access to GIF sites such as Tenor, where you can choose your animated GIF of choice and make it your new animated profile avatar for your Discord account.

Navigating to Discord Nitro

Using Discord’s desktop version, you will need to log into your account and go to your user settings. To get to settings, click on the gear icon next to your profile picture and on the left sidebar there will be a “Billing Settings” header under which you will find the “Discord Nitro” option.

When you click on the Discord Nitro option, you will be led to the Discord Nitro page where you can choose to subscribe to either the yearly or monthly Nitro Plan, each at different prices.

Saving a GIF for your avatar

Once you have subscribed to Discord Nitro, you can set your animated avatar, but you will first need to download a GIF from one of the GIF search engines available.

Search engines such as Tenor, Giphy and others can be used. Tenor is the recommended option as the default GIF search engine on Discord.

Search for a GIF, right-click to save it to your computer and then proceed to change your avatar to the GIF you saved.

Discord Nitro and its benefits

Discord Nitro is available in two plans: The yearly plan is available for $99.99, while the monthly plan is $9.99 per month. With Discord Nitro, you have an enhanced Discord experience with more features.

You get to have better emojis, use an animated avatar, get two server boosts, bigger uploads of 100MB for high quality file sharing, HD video quality, screenshare, and Go Live streaming.

You also get 30 percent off of extra server boosts with a profile badge that shows how long you have been supporting and using Discord.

Discord Nitro benefits
Better emojis
Animated avatars
Two server boosts
30 percent off extra boosts
Bigger 100MB uploads for file sharing
Dedicated profile badge

Final thoughts

Sometimes to enjoy the added benefits of an online platform, you will be required to subscribe to one of the available plans at a cost. This is the case with Discord and getting an animated avatar for your profile picture.

In order to make your profile avatar an animated GIF, you will need to be subscribed to Discord Nitro which offers the feature of having an animated GIF as your profile avatar. Nitro has two plans to choose from with the same enhancements and added benefits.