How to get free money on Google Play Store

How you can get free money in the form of Google Play credit on the Google Play Store, and how you can use it to purchase paid apps.


Most technological devices require the use of certain applications to be able to run efficiently. More importantly, this is especially true for consumers to be able to have access to certain programs and applications to use their devices. This requires you to download or buy these various applications and programs.

Google Play Store is the source of all applications and programs available for people who own Android devices. Typically buying some programs comes at hefty prices, while some are free. There are, however, ways to accumulate some free money on Google Play Store to use for purchasing paid for applications.

Free money on Google Play Store

This might sound like the best news for Android users everywhere, but the catch is that this free money you get on Google Play Store is actually Google Play credit and can only be used on the Google Play Store. Meaning that it cannot be redeemed for cash. It is basically an easy way to accumulate credits that will save you from having to use your own money to make application purchases.

It can be quite a hassle needing to purchase a certain application on your device, but Google Play credits make that much easier.

How do you get free money on Google Play Store?

In order to get free money in the form of Google Play credits, you need to earn it. This can be done through different websites that offer you Google Play credits to earn. Each of these websites will offer various activities for you to take part in, in order to accumulate yourself some credits to enjoy spending on getting those applications you need to pay for. Some websites will require you to take part in surveys, play free games, stream free videos and download free apps all for the chance to earn Google Play credits.

Of these websites, Swagbucks, Google Opinion Rewards and LifePoints are popular with the highest ratings, as they offer a range of different activities for you to gain some Play credits. Activities such as taking surveys, playing free games, online shopping, watching videos and exploring the web.

How does Google Opinion Rewards offer you free credits?

You will need to sign up on the website and be willing to take some surveys that will be sent to you by the Google survey team. For each survey you complete, you will earn up to $1. On occasions, there will be more than one survey to complete in a week, but it is all dependent on how many are available at the time. Surveys will include questions on your opinions on different topics and products, such as your opinion on politics or certain drinks earning you your Play credits.

How to earn through Swagbucks

Swagbucks will offer you a range of different activities to do to be able to make Google Play credit earnings. You have a choice from either taking some surveys, playing free games, watching online videos, surfing the internet as well as online shopping. You can also get a $10 bonus when you sign up for Swagbucks. The points that you gain from either activity can then be exchanged for Google Play credits. The Google Play gift card is also up for grabs, and you will need to accumulate 2 500 points for a $25 card.

Earning Google Play points on LifePoints

LifePoints is considered as one of the biggest survey communities allowing you to take as many surveys as you want each day. You receive 10 extra points for signing up with the website, and it can operate on both Android and iOS. With LifePoints, you have the potential to earn $10 Google Play gift codes with 1 080 rewards points. You can also participate in some of the online contests that are made available and win some points from those too, as well as varieties of product tests, online polls and diaries on topics.


Having to download applications for your devices, especially if they require that you pay for them can be an inconvenience if you are not planning to spend money. Fortunately, Android users are able to make use of some websites that offer activities that will reward you Google credit points.

It is important to note that free money on Google Play Store will come in the form of Google Play credits, and not actual money you can redeem in cash. Websites such as Swagbucks, LifePoints and Google Opinion Rewards will offer you opportunities to gather points for Google Play credit.