How to get free PayPal money legally

How you can accumulate money into your PayPal account freely by making use of sites that will pay you and have the funds legally transferred to PayPal.


In this day and age, relying only on your immediate source of income is considered as a luxury. Instead, finding ways to make more money on the side has become vital to survival and not just simply getting by. Fortunately, there are tools presenting themselves for more money-making opportunities.

Getting free PayPal money legally does not mean that PayPal gives you money for free, but that there are ways to get money accumulated into your PayPal account. This can be done through different websites and applications that offer you the chance to make money for free and have it paid into your PayPal.

Free PayPal money

It is important to note that PayPal will not hand you free money itself, but that you will need to take advantage of the services at your disposal that will help you get extra money paid into your PayPal account.

There are a number of different sites and applications offer you tools to make money, that will be paid into your PayPal. You will need to be smart if you are looking to have cash amounts freely given to you by taking advantage of some of the free money benefits offered by the sites and applications.

How to get free PayPal money legally

Signing up for websites and applications that offer you cash back and rewards for taking part in the activities they offer is one of your best bets at making money that can be paid into your PayPal freely. You are able to perform tasks on these sites for free and get instant rewards and money.

One of the popular activities most sites will need you to do, is to take surveys while others will offer different methods. Methods such as simply getting paid to online shop, surf the web, play free games and stream video content.

Some of the most popular websites offering these different methods include Swagbucks, Ibotta, Rakuten and Respondent. Respondent will require you to answer questions, similar to being in a focus group rather than seeming like a survey. The best ways to maximize earnings is through referrals and bonuses.

How you can make $100 with PayPal

Websites will offer you different methods of making money with them. To be able to make yourself $100 freely with PayPal, you would need to take advantage of not only the methods of making money on different sites, but also the benefits that come with signing up and having other people join the websites from you referring them. Making use of the welcome bonuses will also help to boost your PayPal account, as some of the highest paying sites such as Respondent and Ibotta will pay you reasonably for simply joining.

How to make $50 instantly with PayPal

Referrals and sign-up bonuses will guarantee you make $50 quickly. The trick is to do your research when it comes to the sites and apps that will pay you the highest, just by joining them or by taking part in the activities they offer.

Respondent, which requires you to answer questions and get money in return for it, is one of the sites that will pay you $250 just to participate in a 60-minute question and answer session. Doing a shorter session of 20 minutes could see you earning yourself $50 instantly.

Taking advantage of sites that do not only offer surveys

Most go-to sites for making extra money freely will need you to take some surveys. Surveys will not pay you as much, so making use of websites that will offer you more than just answering survey questions is essential. Many other sites and applications will allow you to engage in other activities outside of surveys to make more money.

Finding the highest paying sites that will reward you large cash amounts for joining them, referring others to their website and doing all the other activities on offer will fast-track your PayPal money.


Finding alternative ways of making money on the side outside of your basic salary is a good way to ensure you extra cash when you need it. There are lots of ways to make use of making money for free from other avenues besides your normal basic working income.

Getting money for free from PayPal will only be possible by taking advantage of the websites and apps that make it easy to make money for free, and then have your earnings get paid directly into your PayPal account. PayPal will not however, give you any money themselves for free.