How to get more traffic on Etsy

How can sellers on Etsy find ways to get enough traffic to their Etsy store pages, to get enough attention and build a bigger consumer network for sales?


One of the most important factors when it comes to running an online store is getting as many people to visit it as possible. Generating traffic to your store means you have better reach and potential for selling more products, which works out for you as the seller.

Identifying what factors determine the flow of traffic to your Etsy store will help you to better understand how you can increase this significantly, in return, impacting the number of sales you make by increasing them. There are various ways Etsy sellers can increase the traffic they generate to their Etsy stores.

Traffic on Etsy

One of the surest ways that traffic can be generated online is through search engine optimisation. Etsy sellers need to research and find ways of understanding how search engines work, and how they can tailor them to increase the traffic onto their Etsy store.

Competition on Etsy is already known to be very tough, so making sure that you do everything you can to get the traffic you need for your store will work wonders for your sales, as well as to just get word out on your Etsy store to as wide of an audience as possible.

How to get more traffic on Etsy

For those who might find the thought of having to work to generate plenty of traffic to their Etsy store intimidating, they do not have to feel this way as there are many ways for one to work around to help get more traffic to their stores.

It is possible if the work is willing to be done. The key to successfully selling on Etsy lies in creating traffic to your store so that buyers find their way to your listings and you make sales.

Generating more traffic to your Etsy store means making sure people find your store on search engines and taking the time to make your store as visually appealing to shoppers as possible.

Additionally, you should also be advertising your store on different social media platforms, having people know you for your niche and also looking into starting a blog for promoting.

How to increase traffic through better search engine optimization

When people search for items on Etsy, you want your store to pop up as high up the list of results as possible.

The higher you are, the better the chances of people clicking on the highest listings. Increasing your search engine potential will need you to understand and use keywords correctly, as people tend to start their searches with keywords.

If you sell hand-made keychains, keywords you will need to use in your content and listings must include “keychain” and “hand-made” for better optimization.

Making your store visually attractive to buyers to increase traffic

What the eye sees and likes is what will drive someone to get an item for themselves. Having a visually attractive store page will attract the right attention, as people like what is visually appealing and nice.

The same will definitely apply to your Etsy store. Making it stand out from the rest will draw customers in and pique their interest. Having attractive photos of your products will compel customers to want to buy an item. Informative details and descriptions will also tell people a lot about your store.

How starting a blog helps increase traffic

One method that Etsy sellers can try is starting a blog that is dedicated to the promotion of their Etsy products. People consume blog content so this can also work.

Having a blog that you can dedicate to talking about your products and all aspects of your business can help let audiences in on you, and most importantly your store and what it has to offer.

Customers can get to know you on a much more personal level, also giving them access to the person behind what could be their favourite products.


Having an online page or business of any sort is all about getting as many people to visit and explore what it has to offer. The key factor to how this is possible is through generating traffic flow to your page or online business, attracting attention and potential product sales

The same goes for Etsy store owners. Knowing how to generate traffic or finding ways to improve on this can help your store get the attention that it needs for you to make the sales you need and to be successful at reaching a wide customer base and dedicated community.