How to get verified on Instagram business

You can request to have your Instagram business account verified by following the process on the Instagram mobile application if you meet all of the requirements.


Using Instagram can help businesses connect and engage with their target audiences in new ways. Verification on Instagram increases the effectiveness of this communication and can be done from the Instagram mobile application.

Using Instagram for your business

Instagram is a social media platform that is often used by businesses to promote their products or services, connect and engage with their target audience, answer questions from customers, sell products, handle customer service queries, and much more.

The direct connection to your customer base is what draws many businesses to this platform and what helps you reach new potential customers who might be interested in your business and help you connect with those who already support your business.

This can help you achieve different social media and business goals, such as improving sales and increasing brand awareness.

How to get verified on Instagram business

Having your Instagram business account verified by Instagram can help you to gain added trust and support from users on the platform, as the blue verification mark indicates to users that your account is legitimate and is not being impersonated by a different user.

The steps to follow to apply for Instagram’s verification process are as follows:

Step in the process Action
Step 1 Open the Instagram mobile application and log into the business account that you want verified
Step 2 Click on your profile tab at the bottom right of the screen
Step 3 Select the menu (three lines symbol) at the top right-hand corner of your screen
Step 4 Select the “Settings” option
Step 5 Select the “Account” option
Step 6 Select the “Request verification” option
Step 7 Fill in the required information and submit your request

Requesting verification does not mean that Instagram will approve your request, you will also have to fulfil the basic requirements and take certain steps to get officially verified, which will be quite beneficial for your business.

Requirements for being verified by Instagram

Instagram’s verification feature is mainly intended for distinguishing accounts that are likely to be impersonated on the platform, such as those of celebrities.

However, there are also some basic requirements that Instagram has set that users need to meet before their accounts can be verified.

These include:

Requirement Explanation


This means that your account represents a legitimate business or real person


This means that you only have one account that represents this business


This means that you have information such as a biography, profile photo, and posts already on your account and you do not direct users to other websites from your account


This means that your business is well-known or is being searched for by many users on the platform

 You also need to ensure that all of the content you share from your account abides by Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines and that you can prove your identity and ownership of the business.

Tips for getting verified by Instagram

It can be difficult for small businesses or accounts that do not have many followers to get verified by Instagram, since Instagram created this feature as a way to protect accounts from being impersonated.

However, being verified holds benefits beyond just proving that your business account is real.

This is why there are some tips and tricks that can help your account get verified by the Instagram team when you send in your request, such as:

Tips and tricks Description
Increase your following quickly This has been indicated to improve the chances of your verification request being approved
Grow your following on other social media sites Notoriety on other sites may prompt Instagram to believe that your account is likely to be impersonated on their platform
Work with a Public Relations agency Agents may have contacts within Instagram or other channels that can ensure that your request is approved

The benefits of being verified on Instagram

Getting your business account verified on Instagram has many benefits, including:

  • Improving your brand’s status
  • Can increase leads and sales
  • Increasing the trustworthiness of your business account
  • To increase your online presence on the Instagram platform

Final thoughts

Instagram allows business accounts to communicate and engage with their audiences in a direct and effective way.

There is a process to follow to be verified on the platform and certain requirements or tips that will help you to reap all of the benefits of being a verified business account.