How to get verified on YouTube without 100k subs

There are two types of verification on a YouTube channel, account verification and the verification badge, and there are requirements and processes for both.


Being verified by YouTube is one of the best ways to distinguish your channel from others on the platform.

There are two kinds of verification, both of which have their own requirements, such as having 100k subscribers, and processes to be completed before a channel can be verified on YouTube.

Why is verification important on YouTube?

There are more than 38 million active users on YouTube, and this means that content creators who want to be successful on the platform need to take every opportunity that they can to stand out and draw a larger audience to their channel.

Having a verified channel means that you are an authentic channel that has proven you can comply with YouTube’s terms, conditions, and protocols. This is also one of the ways to convince viewers to watch your content and hopefully even subscribe to your channel.

How to get verified on YouTube without 100k subs

There are two kinds of verification on the YouTube platform that channels can qualify for. The first is YouTube account verification, and the second is the verification badge.

To verify your YouTube account, you will be prompted to give your phone number to YouTube in order to complete the process. However, the process to receive a verification badge is more complicated.

To receive a verification badge on your channel, you need to fulfil various requirements, such as having 100 000 subscribers on the channel, being authentic, and having a complete channel before you can even apply to be verified by YouTube.

If you do not meet the requirements for this verification badge and have less than a 100 000 subscribers on your channel, YouTube can also proactively verify your accounts if it belongs to a business, if you have a large following on platforms outside of YouTube, or if you have a strong brand.

The difference between account verification and the verification badge

It is quite easy to verify your account on YouTube, but earning a verification badge can be a tedious and complicated process. The reason for this is that these types of verification are significantly different.

The difference between them can be summarised as follows:

Type of verification Description

YouTube account verification

This process just confirms to YouTube that your account belongs to a real person and includes some added benefits once completed.

Verification badge

This is the type of verification that most people know and it appears as a checkmark next to your channel name. This badge distinguishes your channel from others that might have a similar name.

How to increase your chances of being verified

The best way to ensure that your channel qualifies for a verification badge on YouTube is to build your channel up to having 100 000 subscribers and filling out the appropriate forms to start the verification process.

However, in order to keep a verification badge once you have it, or even to increase that chances that YouTube will bend their verification rules to include your channel even if you have not quite reached the subscriber count, you need to create a strong brand for your channel on the platform.

Some ways to do this are listed below.

Ways to build a strong brand Description
Build a recognisable presence This includes cross-promotion with other channels and social media platforms, or even speaking at events and guest appearances.
Post regular high-quality content The algorithm on the platform favours channels with consistent content uploads.
Increase your audience engagement This is the best way to market your brand and your channel.

How to apply for a verification badge

Once you have met all of the requirements and/or built a strong brand on the platform, you will be able to start the process of earning your verification badge. The steps in this process are:

  • Step 1: Visit the YouTube support page and select the “Apply now” option
  • Step 2: Fill in your channel name and channel ID in the required fields
  • Step 3: Click the “Submit” button
  • Step 4: You will receive a confirmation notification from YouTube that it has received your application
  • Step 5: Wait to be contacted by the YouTube team

Final thoughts

Verification on the YouTube platform can be important to set your channel apart from others.

However, there are requirements for both account verification and the verification badge, but your chances of being verified can be improved before you complete the process, even if you do not meet all the requirements.