How to make digital products to sell on Etsy

How to make digital products to sell on Etsy, what you need and how to choose the right software, understanding sizing and formats to print from home easily.


The online space has become a place to explore the many ways one can make a passive income for yourself or start new business ventures full-time on online platforms. Etsy is an online marketplace where people can come together to sell, buy and collect a variety of unique products.

The range of products on offer includes anything from handmade items, vintage, custom, and unique gifts, as well as digital products and many others. For those looking to sell digital products on Etsy, knowing how to create these digital products will help in choosing the right items to sell.

Making digital products for Etsy

There are different types of digital products you can sell on Etsy, but you need to consider a few factors to help you get started.

You need to have an idea of the type of digital products you are interested in selling and then look into what type of software you may need to create and design the items.

You will also need to take into consideration the budget that will be required to purchase the right software for making your products, as some of the best ones can be quite expensive.

How to make digital products to sell on Etsy

To get started making digital products, you will need a good software program. There are a number of software options to choose from, but the right one will depend on the kinds of digital products you are looking to sell.

Options include Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom. Other options include Canva, which is free software, PicMonkey, Gimp, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, Procreate, and Google Sheets, Document and Slides.

When creating your digital products, you will be given colour modes to choose from and depending on the type of products you are making, certain colour modes will be suitable.

Another important thing to consider when creating digital products is the sizing of your digital files and the format of your digital products.

Making digital clip art, patterns and graphic design elements

To make these, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will work the best. They can be made in the same way as art prints. In terms of formats and sizes, clip art and graphic design elements can be around seven to eight inches squared in size, and patterns at 12×12 inches squared.

Clip art and graphic design elements will need to include both JPG and PNG versions with translucent backgrounds. Other file types such as EPS and AI files can be included at an extra charge. Patterns need to be JPG files.

How to make SVG or Cut files

Scalable vector graphic (SVG) files can be made using software programs such as Procreate or Adobe Fresco, but to turn it into an SVG file, one would need to use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Illustrator creates vectors. Procreate or Fresco can be used to create an image in layers using black and can then be imported to Illustrator to use the image trace tool.

When working with fonts, be sure to merge letters and increase them to fit into a shape. SVGs are scalable for sizing, so precise sizing is not a matter of importance.

Designing for printing at home

Printing at home is going to have its restrictions, and therefore, it is important to design in a way that will offer convenience for printing at home.

You should avoid using too much colour to save ink, so consider selling digital products in black and white or with minimal colour and leave out elements such as margins as printers will not print up to the edges.

It may be best to use standard printing sizes for your customers’ countries, but many countries go for A4 sizes. Inform customers to print in the right size.

Final thoughts

Etsy is an awesome marketplace for all things arts and crafts, as well as a range of other digital products such as digital clip art, patterns, graphic elements, and SVGs. To sell digital products, you will need to know how to make them.

To get started making digital products to sell on Etsy, you will need suitable software for the type of digital products you are looking to sell, and will need to know how to design the right size and format to make it easy for printing your products at home.