How to make money from followers on Instagram

The different ways that Instagram users are making money from having lots of followers, how to advertise products for brands, monetise your content and open a shop.


Instagram is one of the most popular online content sharing platforms there are. The platform is so big that users have taken their interest in the platform so seriously, that some have even reached influencer status for making a huge impact and for being either locally or internationally popular.

Instagram has offered dedicated users such as influencers and aspiring influencers the opportunity to make money from the platform, and all it takes is having the right number of followers.

Popularity on Instagram can get you paid lots of money, but your influence on the platform drives your followers higher.

Making money from followers on Instagram

There are so many ways that one can monetise their time spent on Instagram, what they share and their popularity, being the biggest factor in this case.

Having a lot of followers on a platform like Instagram can be significant, as it is a reflection of just how good you are at making people love you and your content.

Popularity on Instagram is measured by the number of followers you have and the level of engagement you can drive from your followers through your level of influence and impact. More followers mean more money.

How to make money from followers on Instagram

Having a large following on Instagram can be great and can be indicative of just how much people relate to you and your content and love it.

However, sometimes having thousands of followers is not what will necessarily make you the most money, and this can be the case if your followers are not as engaged as they need to be.

Having a large number of followers requires that they be engaged more than ever. A lot of Instagram users will buy fake Instagram followers, leading their page to lack engagement from real people.

Once you do have a large authentic following, making money is not hard. You can get paid approximately $10 for having over 1 000 followers, and up to $88 per post for over 10K followers.

There are many other ways of making money with more engaged followers.

Becoming an influencer and advertising products

One way that Instagram influencers are making money is through influential product advertising. It is one of the most common ways of making money and will need you to have at least thousands of followers or more.

To do this, you would need to start sharing pictures related to your interests to build your influence.

Once you start doing this and attracting the right audience, brands will soon notice and approach you to do advertising for them by promoting their products and services, using you to make them money and in return paying you.

Making money by monetising your content

Another way of making money on Instagram is through monetising your specific content. To do this you would need to allow ads to play on your content.

This will offer brands the opportunity to promote themselves through your content and make you money.

If you post videos frequently, you can allow in-stream video ads to play and depending on the number of views you get from ads when people watch your content, you will get paid for views.

Live badges are another way of monetising your content. Badges are like tips received during lives.

Creating an Instagram shop to make money

Taking advantage of the ecommerce space can also make you money on Instagram. Users can do this by creating an Instagram shop and selling your products or services online.

This can be especially great for someone who may have already had a business on the side and is looking to go online. Instagram Shopping allows people to easily shop your business’ videos and images on the platform.

Instagram has a sleek set-up for shoppers to browse and buy your products, and you can customise your shop using different themes and adding product descriptions.

Final thoughts

Having a huge following on Instagram can be good and well as a way for people to see how influential you are on the platform, but it is of no use if you are not going to take advantage of some opportunities to make it worth your while

Having a significant following on Instagram can open channels for you to monetise your content, open an Instagram Shop and have people buy your collections.

Moreover, it can help you gain influencer level and attract brands that will want to take advantage of your influence and use you to advertise them.